Friday, November 04, 2005

Deepa-Raya Book Out

First thing of all, I would like to wish everyone a Happy Deepavali and Hari Raya Pausa. For this week, I get to book out on Monday and Wednesday evening inclusive of the usual weekend book out.

For the book out for the Deepavali, I virtually spent the whole holiday at home surfing the internet and catch up on my military stuff. As of yesterday, I joined my friends for clubbing (my very first) at Chinablack @ Orchard.

Hari Raya Pausa Eve
After reaching home and having dinner, I changed and went out with my secondary friends. First we went to the Paulaner Munchen (A german pub) near Suntec City for a drink. Actually, my friends wanted me to drink 1L but I can’t, as it was my first time drinking, so I started off with 0.5L. German beers are very strong even though they contain only approx. 5% alcohol due to the climate over in Germany. It taste bitter initially, but after a few slips, it was quite ok for me.

After I drank nearly 0.5L, I can feel the warmness in my head, my face was red and I was a bit of drowsy but was clear on what was happening. Luckily I still can walk and had my direction correct.

We then took a NightRider bus to Chinablack to club. It was quite crowded when we arrived. Everybody was dancing and clubbing on the dance floor. The genre was techno initially but changed to R&B as the night worn on. I was sweating due to the dancing and everybody was having a fun time there. I had another round of drink and continue dancing the night away. We end at 6am today, and I was very tired. We catch a bus home and off to bed.

The drinks @ Paulaner Munchen was great initially, but I was feeling frustrated at how one of my friends, who keep criticizing I am weak and can’t drink. He even mentions that he wanted to get me drunk. But I told myself that I know my limits and I don’t want to get myself vomited and drunk. Furthermore, I think drinking should be a relaxing and enjoyable one and should not be one that we challenge who can drink fast and hold their liquor well.

Beside that, they mention about the girl I like, it had reached the point that I am not interested in this things anymore. NS had took out most of my time and furthermore, I got difficulties communicating with girls. So I intend to put this issue behind me and serve my 2 years before continuing my studies.

Since it was my first time stepping into Chinablack, I got a taste on how clubbing was like. Personally, I felt that clubbing might not be the place for me and would preferred pub (with a band playing music) where the settings are more pleasant and relaxing for me.

So that about it, booking in by 2200 tonight. Check out again on Sat…Cheers!

P.S. I can’t hold my liquor well so I hope no one had the intend to get me vomited and drunk. Thanks!


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