Sunday, July 12, 2009

A week at work

After the first week at work for my internship, the comment is so far so good. I was occupied for most of the minutes, hours of the work time. But there is this saying that if a person is holding more allowances and doing less things AND GETTING an A grade for internship, that will seriously spoilt the LAW of FAIRNESS. I'm still praying that doesn't happen coz the more you do the more learning u get just like investment in market. But this theory also have a flaw which does not guarantee a 100% returns of investment. My motto, do the best in everything.

Went for a SPCC birthday celebration for a friend. Lunch was at Pasta de Waraku (Marina Square). It was quite a huge turnout since all SPCC members become alumni. After that we have K-Box for 4 hours. Since I am at internship, I should just let my hair down a bit. My supervisor was telling me that at lunch time we shouldn't discuss anything about work instead talk other things. In school, everywhere I go, it was schoolwork and schoolwork, none of it was outside schoolwork. Now is time to take things easy, or should I say forever. It wasn't easy for the last one year where everyday in school is fighting and staying in the competition loop.

A new way of life awaits....


At 2:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

seriously there is no fairness in the world. do you think a construction worker who put in more strength get better paid than those sitting in the office and surfing facebook? wake up. dun dream.


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