Saturday, July 31, 2010

The month of July 2010

KL Trip - Jalan Jalan

The month of July had been an eventful one. To kick start the month of July, I went on a trip to KL with my poly friend. An free and easy that was entirely plan from the start till the end by us. Starting from a train trip to KL was my first. Even though the ride was bumpy, I managed to catch a few hours of sleep probably from the hours spent of FYP. Upon reaching KL, we went around travelling on their public monorails and LRT. It is very convenient as long you trust their train system. We tour around KL Civic Center and saw a lot of atas(High class, luxury) shops. Even one of the toilets required RM2 to enter. We went to numerous shopping centers, namely, Times Square, Pavilion, Central Market, Chinatown etc. To many shops and levels.

Food wise, my aim is to have at least one A&W. End up we had two times of it. Shiok coz it seems like Singapore have deprive me of A&W for many many years. We also have meals at cafe as well. For entertainment, we managed to visit the Sunway Lagoon and my friend was somehow so high after his wonderful "brushing" experience. Haha. Probably will not visit again since there are other amusement park in KL as well. Olympic hotel to say was not an very accessible place. A walk to the hotel that is surrounded by schools and churches can sometime be a daunting task if u are walking along. It is located faraway from KL but is very near to Chinatown where all the Polo, Fred Perry from Thailand are all available. Manage to get kites over there as well, probably the only place in KL that sell these.

Returning back to Singapore by bus was not a very good experience. Not for the ride but the purchase of tickets. A day before we leave for Singapore, we travel to the temporary bus terminal in Bukit Jali which is relocated from the Puduraya Terminal for renovation. We wanted to cross to the bus terminal using the overhead bridge but was ask to pay RM2. WTF, we walk away and my friend nearly got hit by a water bottle from the guys sitting beside the bridge. Nevertheless, we walked up further cross and purchase the ticket. I should say business there are very competitive till I considered it as touting. Back to Singapore was the end of the KL trip.

NTU SCE Chalet 2010

Well, the purpose is for our cohort to come together for one last gathering before we leave sch this Dec. Normally chalet is organised that is for those within our cliques. But this time round, we wanted to bring the spirit of cohesion of our batch together. It also enables us to know each other better. I was initially quite sceptical on encouraging my friend to hold this event as July is the peaked for most student still doing their FYP. Turnout was very encouraging as we hit the aim of getting our cohort to come together and mingle as one. We also had a night cycling from Pasir Ris to Changi village. Probably the last time I will be involved in organising. But memories will still remain.

Gate-crash SCE Graduate Dinner 2010 - Furama city centre

Even though we have yet to graduate, we managed gatecrash the SCE graduate dinner. Surprisingly, there were two tables still left empty. What happen to the newly graduands? There are a total of two tables that was gatecrashers which are one from computer science the other from
computer engineering. The event was full of games, laughter and fun with the charismatic MC around. I also get to talk to each other on sch stuff and some other things. Really enjoy the company for the night. Really hyperactive group of friends. Haha. I heard from one of the lecturer telling me that this year graduands are very boring, they didn't throw their hats or do anything except to attend, take their cert, some photos and that it. Probably that explain the disappointing turnout for the dinner as well. Well for my graduation in 2011, I wanna do things like throwing my hat together with the cohort of SCE, take photo shots in City area (Marina Sands, Marina Barrage and the green rooftop of the ADM library. Now no point taking photos in school, surrounded by barbed wires, fences, look like a prison. for the YOG. Yucks! I hope my friends will help fulfilled my wish. Haha.

Northland Sec Sch Gathering 2010

Salute to the alumni organising committee. It is always never easy to organise something of a bigger scale that involve alumni of not only your batch but other batches of graduates as well. Being the first gathering, is always as a form of encouragement when you see alumni coming together. A well-organised start to the event will go a long way. Fundings is always a problem when come to organising this event. But with the strength of word-of-mouth from the goodness of this event, I'm sure that more alumni will be willing to attend in future events. Requesting former students to volunteer their services is also a good way for them to feel that they can still contribute to school.

For me, the main purpose is to see the classmates which I hadn't seen for ages as well as to find out how well they had been doing. There are business-women, teachers and engineers to name a few who are craving a career for themselves. Teachers that have super memory that can remember the faces. Haha. Overall is a good one for us to come together again.

What a month. Yeah!


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