Thursday, April 29, 2010


It had been a long time since I last blog. Probably got 4 months I guess. Life as a final year had been a hectic one after the "Slack" period during internship. Everyone look so serious this semester unlike the previous feel semesters. Everyone including me is rushing for time. I like the feeling where those days we will spending time on different canteens for our lunch rather than the "monopolise" food court near our block. Well maybe the final push to the final hurdle speaks volume on itself.

During exams, I spend most of my time in the study room in community center studying. On average I spent 10 hours there in the room mugging. Sometimes on weekend the environment can be bad especially the number of people in the room, however I love weekdays coz must of the school students are in school. I can sensed the increase in population in my sch. Especially during exam period, the library is flooded with students within the first minute of the opening hours. That how I landed back to Yishun. With next academic year coming up, it will be even more crowded.

Here after exams, it will be Final Year project for the holidays. A long one to do a big project. Here I come.


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