Sunday, November 01, 2009

Well, it had been a while since...

Well, it had been a while since I last posted. Today is the first day of November. Two more months before this 2009 will end. It had been a turbulent year for most people around the world. First fighting off the effects of a global financial crisis followed by the H1N1 and the numerous natural disasters occurring around the world. Hopefully the things will be rosier towards the end of the year with the festive season coming up.

Towards the end of last month, two of my cousins have got married. The pride and happiness on my grandma face was indescribable. Witnessing his grandson getting married was as exclusive as having a seat in the F1 stand. Wedding is always the place where you get to see relatives that you haven't seen in ages and the curiosity of finding out whether you have seen them before. The wedding ambiance was impressive with a nice backdrop of the city background; very seldom hotel have this kind of setting which is the usual "cover-up" banquet. The hotel name is Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel. Before reaching, the taxi driver which my family boarded already describe the food and the ambiance of the hotel. Also, we witnessed the exchanging of vows between the newly wed couple and thanking everyone for coming. I wish them a blissful marriage.

Well, for my internship, is coming to the end. With a month to go, I will be wrapping up all my ongoing projects and the reports. The lunchtime kakis will the one I solely missed. They just talk everything from school,relationship beside work matters. The importance of lunchtime, is very much a short break from work, take your mind off everything. I will also miss my "Balik Kampung" kaki, whom we met everytime we head home. We chat over the ride home on food, NS, soccer and cars. Indeed, it had been a fulfilling internship without these guys to bring back the norm of social interaction and values.

Lastly, I hope my gf will be strong to pull through these difficult times at work.



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