Tuesday, January 05, 2010

New Year 2010

New year celebration have been a it different form last year. Every year, new year eve had been our anniversary and this year had been a special one. My darling and I gonna celebrate the occasion with a couple of friends in a hotel(RE! hotel) located at Chin Swee road. The room was practically transparent for the toilet which is located in front of the water bed. The suite was actually a couple suite but ended a group celebration.

In the room, there is a egg-shaped swing to sit around and basic necessity. It was nice for friends to wish us happy anniversary when they came to received us. After many rounds of games, it is time for the countdown and off it goes the old decade with a new decade starting from 2010. What I have hope for my 2010? Well, of course, I wish to move up a notch in my relationship and finish off my final year of studies.

Met up with my poly computer club pals as one of them had just flown back from his Masters course. I had a lot of chips and some alcohol. Topics ranging from BGR, politics, studies and army life. I got one friend who have got a job in Accenture. Now I'm starting to open up my career options when by year end, I will need to start to look for my job.

Happy New Year


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