Sunday, November 15, 2009

Report...Party World K

After Thursday, a huge load of pressure will be release. The final report will be submitted and what is left is to wait for two weeks more before the conclusion of the internship. Writing report sometimes can be a daunting task. You have to write in such a manner whereby the reader understand what is you are doing. After many rounds of vetting, I still got a bit of doubt that my reader will understand fully. I mean it is a technical report and is different from a report talking about your experience.

Sometimes I will be bothered whether to include all the Java codes for this report. Some terms used by Java like Hashtable, Comparator are things that you find exclusively to Java only. Anyway, I ended up using my imagination to draft out something than putting Java codes in the report which is useless. My tasks is make more difficult with the number of projects I have done. The reports seems to multiple and is proportional to the number of projects. The recommended limits is really not fair to me. This is a very expensive report mainly due to the number of credits it contains.

Had a KTV session with my dar at Yishun Safra. First time the two of us sing together. We had the whole room to ourselves and sang for 4 hours straight till the voice is hoarse. She selected those trendy to latest song, while I selected those golden era songs. We had so much fun singing and dancing. So tired though but definitely would want to do this again.



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