Tuesday, May 27, 2008

WTF, Imaging linking is patented, Pay up

Now this is really ridiculous. A company named VueStar Technologies claimed that they have patented this "Imaging Linking" which is granted by the government. All website that uses a image to hyperlink to another website will be sued. Currently they are preparing to sue Microsoft and Google and all the website around the worlds that uses this "technology". Some of the local sites had already received letter from this company to pay up ranging from hundreds to millions.

This is really getting out of hand. Why does a company decided to sues billions of website for this technology which had been part of the basic HTML lessons since secondary school? The news was so great till today Straits Times come up with this article. Maybe the government who grant VueStar this patent should review it or is it because the patent is expiring soon and they want to make a big lump sum or is it because they are waiting by the fences till they estimated that they are billions of website that uses their technology and sued them for money? I think these guys are id***s and they are spoiling the Internet world. Imagine now you see my blog here, and the next time you see my blog is gone due to this "technology".

Link to this article

Feel feeling frustrated lately. After the school ended, I have been feeling vexed about something which I don't wish to say. Hope it will be over by the start of the new semester and I want it to get over and done with asap. My gf also say that I been in bad mood lately. Yes something is really bothering me and I hate it so much. Dammed.

Yesterday test i guess is a goner already. Never expected the questions to be so open (out of what I have read for my notes) and it constitutes 50% of the grades. Furthermore I did not SU the grade. Going to restrict myself to one week of reading of wikipedia for this Open Source. Lately I been trying Fedora 9 (Linux) and I find it quite ok. I think for first time using of Linux, it will be a stuggled as we are so used to Windows but the more often you used it, you find that it is much much better. Gone are the days where you going to patch with service pack, scared about virus and people hacking to your computer. I going to support open source software from now on.

Also, please be beware of MLN tactics of asking people to join them. Someone called me offering me a customer service cum sales job saying he saw my details on Nineo.com. Well, I did use Nineo.com to apply tuition and IT related jobs but not sales job since my aim is to make use of my diploma. Then I asked him what thing he is selling, and he didn't say and just ask me whether I still looking for a job. Then I say yes and he fixed a time slot for me for "INTERVIEW". Initially I thought he is the guys from Nineo.com but I realize since it is so secretive, I suspect is some kind of MLN.

When this guys msg me again on Sat (where I am in library studying & forgotten that there is such a interview) to come down Clarke Quay, then my gut feeling confirmed that it is MLN. I postponed the interview till Sunday saying that I am in camp. By Sunday, I totally ignore his called and one of the guy which I knew, called me. This confirmed my suspicious that they are from MLN.

Come on, if you guys wanna clean up the image of MLN, please do not be so suspicious by putting something like events cum sales, customer service cum sales etc. All are bull s***. You make me even hate MLN because of this tactics. I not condemning all MLN as some of my friends are in it but some of the dirty eggs will forever play this kind of tactics so that people are tricked into joining it. If you received a call saying that it is a sales job please remember to ask them what stuff they are selling and if they don't tell you, just say you are not interested. One more thing, if they arrange a interview especially in the late afternoon to evening, you better be suspicious coz MLN works after morning till late evening.


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kama Sutra for IT professional

Feeling stress about having a career in IT, take a look at the following....

Good news for all.... If you hate downloading program just to convert files into another format, here is the website that convert everything just by using browsers:

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Food S*** at Executive Cafe

Today, we went to Executive Cafe (restaurant) in the new NTU admin building. To say, I was not very satisfied with the food there. We waited for almost 15 mins for our food to be served. It was a long wait. Prices aside as we had already expected that the food to be more expensive than the new food court that was operated by the same company.

I ordered a Honey BBQ pork noodle and the noodle was not springy compared to outside coffee shop. The portion given in some of the dishes was small and not worth the money. Actually to say, I think this "cafe" was good for those who want cheap and oriental dishes but don't expect 5 star food.

Yesterday night lesson was a interesting one. The lecturer was a Redhat employee and lecture part time. It was interesting lecture even though it was a 3 hours long lecture. Furthermore there is no notes on it except we must catch the keys point that he mentioned.


Sunday, May 04, 2008

Weird Feeling

I have been feeling this weird feeling all this week at my stomach area. Doesn't feel any pain but seems like some muscle had been stretched. Not to sure whether is it Appendicitis or some other thing. Haiz, guess I should make a trip down to check this feeling.

My special semester starting tomorrow. I am the only one going for this special semester will be going solo this time. Tomorrow is also the continuation of the CIDP part 2 and will be wrapping everything by Friday.

First time meeting my gf since the first week of April. Is like starting all over the relationship again. Hope this month would be a relax and enjoyable time.