Monday, December 31, 2007

The end of the 2007

2007 had been full of events for me, it started off from May this year where I am leaving army for my studies till the point where I collected my exam results a few days ago. Out of army was the greatest challenge I have faced in my life. So used to the regiment life in the army for the past 2 years, it had been a great change as what we faced in the outside world is unpredictable. I felt lost and the only direction I had was to start school in Aug. But luckily I managed to find a temp job to last me till I start sch.

School life took me a while before I could adjust to it. It was so different in poly where life was at a slower pace. In uni, everybody was setting high standards for each other and every lecture or tutorials missed would mean an uphill task to play catch up with the subjects. I have never studied so hard in my life and it push me to the limits. Well at least I am satisfied with the grades I got as it would mean I progress to the next level. Hope the new sem would be a easier one.

As 2007 approaches its last day, my darling n I will be celebrating our 2nd anniversary with thousand of people at the Marina Bay tonight with the fireworks. I will wish for another great year ahead with her as the fireworks shoot up the sky.

Happy New Year to all.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Raining BBQ and Wireless Everywhere

Yesterday, my Computer Club friends and I have a BBQ at the ECP. It was the first formal gathering of SPIC that includes the juniors. The rain didn't stop us from stopping the BBQ as it stop and we are able to continue with our BBQ. But the highlight of yesterday was one friend whom we nearly lost contact for almost more than 2 years. We were teasing her all the while that she been missing for 2 years and most of us had already gone to many places and many had changes in our life.

But even though we have lost contact for two years, we are glad that our long lose friend is back with us as seniors of SPIC. I learned that a
aluminium tray can become a mini stove for BBQ as well. After we end our BBQ, we had a drink at the ECP Macdonald before my friend sent me home. It was a worthwhile gathering even though I have to miss my darling Christmas party as I have promise the organizer like two months ago.

Today, spent most of my time trying out the hotspot around Singapore. I and my best buddy was trying to hook up to play Unreal Tournament but it was lagging and we settle down using a Cross cable so that both of us are able to see each other without any lagging. It was a good experience.


Monday, December 17, 2007

SDC, Army Museum & NTU

Last Sat, darling, my brother and I went to newly renovated Singapore Discovery Center. All I could say that it is a real disappointment as the games that I used to play like the soccer and parachute simulator are all gone and replace with others games that didn't really appeal to us. I remember that last time there is a mobile movie theater where as we watched the surrounding will be moving according to the movement in the movie. But that is also gone too. It had been replaced by games that focus on the history of Singapore and landmarks. Watch a 3D Sharks movie and 2D Everest movie and it was too comfortable till I nearly dozed off. But the most interesting portion shall be the Shooting gallery where we use SAR 21 with 40 rounds to shoot of enemy off the screen.

After that, we visit the army museum which is free till 31 Dec and it was virtually empty except the three of us. Except a few exhibits like the (old sword, badges ranks) that interest me, the rest was quite boring. The receptionist tried to instill interest in us but overall it is the only place to go if you have nowhere to go.

Lastly we head to NTU as I need to take some stuff back from hostel and had dinner at the canteen there. We ordered Sweet Sour pork, Thai style chicken rice and Waffle ice cream which my darling say is better than the outside one. Then we went back to Jurong point before heading for home.

It had been a tiring day as I have to look after my brother as well as traveling three different places, but it had been a fulfilling day and hope my darling and brother have some fun.


Monday, December 10, 2007

22th Birthday

As usual, every birthday, we are entitled to 3 wishes and this year there is a slightly change in my wish as this year I hope for better year in my studies. My darling help me to celebrate a belated one last Sat. Went to Aston Specialties at East Coast Road for a Western dinner and lastly ended up in Conrad Hotel for a tea.

I ordered the wrong tea type as I would to have the Rose flavored tea which I had drank with my friends earlier this year. Next time you need a place to sit down for a chat, that would be a nice place to settle down. As for my present from her, it consists of two long sleeve shirt, one strip and the other blue from G2000. Maybe I will save one of it for next year CNY. Haha...

It had been a raining season once again. The weather is like a tap which is on by some forgetful users in heaven. Hope this year all the high build up area are save from all the landslides that occurs last year. It had been a very very cold weather and imagine walking in the park with dry fit clothes on...Ouch, it is dammed cold.

Yesterday went for a 2.4km run at the park near my home. Got 11.30min, a slide from my personal best during my NS days, but nevertheless I am still satisfied as I am still within the silver timing.

Currently studying RSS as my student need to use RSS for her project...

Catch up again soon....

Monday, December 03, 2007

Phew, what a year to remember....

It had been a long long time since I last posted. After a hectic lifestyle for the last 2 months, it had been finally be over. The exam had been a long one and I personally felt that it was one of my most hardworking exam I have ever studied. I can't imagine that I can studied for 1 month continuously all the way. Now the next worry is on the results that will be coming out in year end. The standards from poly to uni very different as the exam papers in uni is testing more on applying concepts.

For the whole of last two months, I almost led a monotonous life. All I do is to study and study. My gf also complain that I having a smiling face ever since I started school. Sorry darling. I can't force myself to smile when there is so much worries in me. Guess my new year resolution is to stay happy regardless of all the worries and trouble.

Just one month break before a new semester starts. Time really files when you got lots of things to do. Sometime, there is opportunity cost when you wanted or do something badly which you have to sacrifice another thing in order to get it. After getting all my quiz results before the exam started, it just make me so sainz that I have to lower my standards to aim for past to get to the next module. It will be a better realistic targets and gone are the days where distinction and As come so easy.