Sunday, October 29, 2006

Nervous on my "First"

I was feeling nervous the night before and was having difficulties going to sleep. Actually, it was my first time conducting live firing for my Signal Company. Conducting live firing is no joke as it consists of live ammunition and proper safety measures must be taken to prevent any unneccessary injuries.

On the actual day at 0530, we gathered outside and took attendance and I got my first hiccup as a safety medic was not indented and my Ops Sergeant pointed it out to me. I was in a dazed as I am not sure who to call and after much thinking, I decided to call one of the medic to check whether he could come down and help us. I am very lucky to say that there was a duty medic on Sunday and he was a
bout to step down from duty where I called him to ask whether he could help us. Luckilly he agreed even though it was a off-in-lieu for the whole bridgae.

My senoir and I was the last to reach the range but the range warden was not there yet, by then all preparation had been done and the guys had breakfast from the "Nijia" van. The range starts at 10am and the show is on me. I decided to go ahead with a practice session for the Annual Trainfire Programme (ATP) shoot for the first year soliders. It was quite smooth and we ended the whole day shoot and test at 2.30pm. Next it was followed by a day combat shoot test for the 2nd year solider. It was also another smooth sailing and everyone was very cooperative.

I also took the test with my guys as combat shoot requires us to form groups of 5 to 6 and to get marksman, the group must score at least 80% of the total rounds. The pressure is a bit on me as I must so-called led the team and our detail is a $1000 detail if the team manage to get marksman. As night falls, I start the night shoot with the ATP shooters followed by the combat shoot. I admited that I am quite poor during the night shoot as I had missed most of my shot during the last test when I was still a
trainee. But I am happy to report that my team got marksman all thanks to my sharp shooters and the strategy deploy by my guys.

When the whole shoot ended, I feel relieved as there is no case of injuries and everyone exercise their safety with caution. Maybe the reason is also as conducting officer, I emphasize on safety and was very strict about this. Glad that it was a successful one.

Counting down to my overseas exercise: 3 weeks

P.S: Wow, is amazing that 3 weeks had past since we meet each other. Looking forward to meet u nx weekend once your last paper ended. Luv u and good luck.

This the framed image of my NCC ranks and badges. NICE?

Monday, October 23, 2006

Look hagged and tired

As the weeks leading to this overseas exercise, the more tired I become. It seems like it doesn't end when we had already shipped up the equipment up to Australia. There is a planning stage coming up in the following week and training need to be conducted as well.

Well at least we get a chance to relax when I took leave on Wed and Thu. My team booked out together and had a platoon cohesion at the Bugis Junction Seoul Garden. It was enjoyable and took our mind off work. Next we top it off with pool at the Parklane and setup 3 tables. Maybe our next cohesion is coming up soon...

On Wed, I attend a dialogue session at NTU Alumni Club at Buona Vista. It mostly comprises of finacial scheme and the scholarship avaliable in NTU. My the other aim is to find out the number of exemption I can get when I enrolled next year. When I look at the scholarship scheme, it requires scholars to maintain 3.5 out of 5 per year. I think that put me off as I have no confident in maintaining it. After the session I head off to Queenstown Shopping Center to look for my shoes but of no shoes for my liking. Then I headed to IKEA to get some display frames for my framing of NCC badges which I longed wanted to display it out. It is already completed except the NCC Rank portion. When it was finished, I will post the photo onto my blog.

Tmw is my first time conducting range. A bit worried. Haiz.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Planning...Packing Off

As expected, this few weeks is the peak period for me as our bridgae is preparing for an overseas exercise in Nov. For the staff officers, they have been planning from Mon to Wed while we are working non-stop on the new Exchange server and wiping of laptops. Besides that, I have a also conducted trials on the server but it faced a lot of hiccups and the engineers had to come down for the whole of last week.

Besides that, we worked past midnights and all credits should go to my guys for helping me even though time was really tight. By Thu, we have already wiped out 30 laptops and preparation for the rest of the stores in ready for the crating on Fri. It was major scene at the basketball court on Fri as we layed out all the equipment at the basketball for the Australia inspector to inspect. All the days we spent cleaning the equipment had been put into this test and they were very strict on this issue as Australia is meant to be a clean country with great landscapes. The most heaviest equipment with have is the HA server which weight up to 300kg. We have to activate the forklift to assist us.

After sealing the containers, it was down back to normal routine as we have to maintain computers in the bridgae and my normal planning that leads us to this overseas exercise. Today I am the Duty Officer and my first on a Sunday. I am taking leave on Wed to go NTU for a talk on the finacial scheme available.

To Darling: Hope you are doing fine and put ur best all the way leading up to ur exams. Luv & Miss u.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Another week of late nights

What a week. Spent most of the hours in the office working till 9pm. I remember that I have to spent up to evening 9 plus at Jurong Camp just waiting to bring back the equipment. The three of us was like waiting and have yet to have our dinner. This is the peak period of my preparation for this exercise. Everything had been delayed till next week and work start at 6am tmw. Really a bit no life sia. It is tough to do 2 person job since both of my senoir are clearing leave.

First out of the 4 weeks that I am going to miss my darling since she is preparing for her exams. Wish her all the best. See u in three weeks time.

Counting down to end of preparation for this exercise: 1 week

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Why weekend are wonderful?

With increasing workload and stress for the coming overseas exercise, there is many good reasons looking forward for a weekend. For me, weekend starts on a Friday evening and looking forward to a no work weekend. The plus point is that I can meet my gf after a week of stressful job.

Last Sat, I had a SPCC gathering at the 镇发火海鲜 (Zhen Fa Huo Hai Xian) Marina South. I think it was my 3rd time there. I also asked my gf to tag along as I know that she hadn't tried it before. Total in our group there were 16 of us and mostly belong to the SPCC Alumni. Luckily this time we don't talk alot about NS if not the gals will be bored. I also met my officer course mate and my sergeant there. The food was dammed oily to say and I was worried about my heart as I haven't ran for quite sometime. Took some photos before we left.

Yesterday, my darling and I went to the Escape theme park as she still had the 2 free tickets for it. We met at 10am and boarded Bus 39 to Pasir Ris. When I entered the park, I expected it to be a very big place but alas it was a small place. We hit straight to the Daytona Go-Kart and we played that 5 times. Next we head to the rest and that includes the signature 360 degrees ride. Many of the rides are head spinning experience as it turn and twist. SOmetimes it make me wanna to vomit the breakfast I had. We played from morning till evening 6pm, a whobbing 7 hours of playing. By then my limbs was like jelly by then. At least we haven't had so much fun for quite a long time liao. But this also meant the last meetup as she had reserved the whole of October for her studying and a her exams. Gonna miss my darling for 1 whole month but I would like her to get good results as well. All the best for ur exams and forever Luv u.

P.s. Argh...So much work now...