Monday, December 29, 2008

Risk worth taking

In life, we take a lot of risk. I remembered my time in army whereby climbling a knoll in Brunei with the muddy conditions was an challenge to me. After I conquered it, it changes my life attitudes. Anything is possible as long as you make preparation for the risk taken. Just like what I did for last semester. I took 6 modules at one shot so that I can clear my GER asap. End Result: The risk is worth taking, I'm free from my GER loh.....


Thursday, December 18, 2008

New way to save YouTube in various format

Found a new way to save all your favourite YouTube into various format suitable for various devices. Simply just add "kick" in front of the YouTube address and it will the one shown in the 2nd diagram. Select the type of format and there you go.

Ended my IPPT test in the evening, pass with Silver colours loh....

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Job Ended, what next?

Just ended my temp job at RELC Examination Bureau on Fri. After 3 weeks of waking up at 6.30am, I finally have some longer duration of sleep. But this problem lead to another. I am back at home and I am bored. Yesterday was flipping the classified for another temp job and happen to see a job that interets me. Admin at Singapore Satisitical Department but too bad it last till the end of Jan , working from 6am till 10pm and I wouldn't want to risk my project & school work for this.

Maybe I just flipped around the classified for the next few days and if no suitable job come around I will just relax and home and visit the new Yishun Library for books. Anyway this Thu is my IPPT test, hopefully can get my silver coz recent timing show that I just hit my silver 2.4km timing. Also I need to pray better have no rain because I heard over the radio that for the rest of the month it will be raining and more raining.


Monday, December 08, 2008

CFA Exam experience

One example of a proctor attire.

During the pass two weeks, I have been working as a Temp staff at RELC even though I wanted to be a proctor (Invigilator) for the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Exam. For the last three days, we had been down at Singapore Expo to prepare the examination hall for 4000 plus candidates. Putting posters, setting up resting area, time charts, clocks and labeling the seats number. On top of it is the knee breaking procedure of balancing the tables and walking up and down the hall of the size of two football fields.
Security guards were in place to guard the valuable paper that arrived from US. The tight security is mainly due to CFA examination are conducted world wide in a synchronize timing.

Students faced with lots more restriction then my NTU exams, they are not allowed to bring in water bottle, pencil cases, plastic bags, handphone etc. Many students had no choice but to dump their stuff at the nearby bins.
During the exams, the mood is heavy; everyone including the proctors are stress from distributing the papers to attending to the candidates needs. Furthermore, each proctor is evaluated at the end of the proctoring and those who do not perform might be blacklisted and will not be able to return for the next time round. Due to the tight security, every staff and proctors had to wear their vest and tags and for us, our tags allowed us to walk anywhere.

Food was ok, there is duck, and chicken rice and refreshments is curry puff. But for us, the most tiring is to walk around two halls to check on the water dispenser, run errands, and settle the claims form of every proctor in the hall. Once the exams had ended, we took 1 hour to dismantle the hall before packing off back to company. By the time I ended, it is 8pm since morning 6am.

Overall, it was a good experience as it shows how tough it is to organize a huge event with numerous resources to prepare for the 6 hours paper. Next job, it will be worst, reaching 8000 plus students, more manpower is needed and I am now thinking twice when they ask me whether I am coming back to help out. Give me 6 more months to consider. Haha