Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Australia Rockhampton in one day time

In just a matter of another few hours, I will be off to Australia for my first and last major overseas exercise in my NSF life. It was quite a rare chance as not many of my NSF friends could go there. Conditions over there are unfamiliar as the terrian, weather are the challenging part before the real exercise starts. Adapting to the higher temperature would be my main concern for me as well for my guys, hence the empahasize is that everybody is fit and healthy throughout the exercise itself.

Once I touch down, it will be work from the very first minute. By the third day, I will be out in the field with all my equipment being ready. That is what I called stress. Now I am also worried about my equipment as small parts like the mouse can get lost in a major exercise such as this one. Hopefully, all my guys will have razor-eyes to account of every stores we have.

Last of all, I going to miss my family and friends especially my darling. Hope it will be a successful exercise. By tmw 0745m, I will be off to Australia for a 7 and a half hour trip. Cya guys back in Singapore on 9 Dec.


Monday, November 13, 2006

1 more week to Australia, Rockhampton

I can't wait to go Rockhampton now as the preparation for this overseas exercise had made me tired and restless. The process had been dragged too long or should I say preparation start from Aug. I just can't wait the exercise to get going.

I had a good time with my darling yesterday. Went to have dinner and play pool at Yishun SAFRA. Spent a good evening with her and end up chatting about personal and relationship issue. I gonna to miss you for a good 3 weeks soon.

1 more week to Australia, Rockhampton...

Monday, November 06, 2006

It juz feel good to be with her

It has been one month since we last meet up together. Aiyo, the wait was long and stress at work didn't help much to ease the pressure for the whole of this month. But after meeting u yesterday, I found that it was worth the wait. Went out to look for a birthday gift for one of our best friends. The gift chosen was meant to show her youth and class that will make her stand out from her peers. Hope she will like it. From the Paragon, we walked to Bugis Junction in search for my customize Sculpture. It was found in a shop named Orange at the Shaw Towers. From the display, it look exactly like the one shown in the photo furthermore it add a bit of a cartoon like touch to the sculpture. Sorry to make u walk, darling....haha. Next we went to Suntec City to walk a bit. Spent a whole of 1 hour in Carrefour and looking for food and other stuff and end up with dinner at Subway @ Shaw Tower.

I feel good and refresh after going out with her. She just provides me some special touch of her but it was hard for me to describe it. Maybe her and I will know only.

2 weeks to Australia...