Sunday, January 27, 2008

Y companionship can be good & bad?

Ok, enough of those post about my studies and assignment, let's talk something about life. As we stepped into the early twenty of our life, some must have realize that something is missing in their other "department". What I meant by "department"? Well this department is called "Love Department". I'm sure many out there envy those who had another opposite partner to accompany with whether in school or outside. They often voice out that how they hope to get one as time is ticking away every minutes and seconds and it won't be long that they hit another milestone titled "30".

Well, fair enough, I was in their situations 2.5 years ago. I was still in polytechnic then and always wanted to have one but don't have the courage to do so. The word "courage" is a taboo to most guys as always we see the girls out there but we dare not to approach them as either we are not the same class or they are strangers. I happened to met mine during my NS days and she happened to be my secondary school friend. I wouldn't have the courage to approach a stranger mainly is that I wouldn't dare to.

The probability of having a relationship is higher when we know someone know. Both will have more things to discuss and it wouldn't feel as wired since both had knew each other. On the hand, having a relationship doesn't mean you can just let it be. It requires both parties effort to make a relationship grows if not it will affect each other if things don't work out. Worse, if both of you are in the same class, both will feel like they are strangers even though they knew each other.

If someone want to have a relationship, is best to evaluate whether they are able to commit as well as to sacrifice some of the stuff which you normally do. A balance in your life will result if you can manage ur relationship, studies and careers which is a challenge not only for you but ur partner as well.

All the best!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Projects & Assignment & Quiz

School had never been so happening before. Just week three and projects and assignment had been piling up. With just one more week to go, it will be my quiz already. Seems like I have move up to year 2 a bit to fast. Year 2 isn't like year 1 where assignment and project are not as many not mentioning the quizzes which only happen after term break or towards term end.

My tuition had not been a enjoyable one. The student which I was teaching was not very sure of what I have taught her and she just keep forgetting what I have taught her. She seems to have volatile memory when once her brain switch off, it just loses the information. Nearly vomited white foam loh...

Last Sat didn't get a chance to meet her as she was in a bad mood, not because of me. But is better for her to cool down rather than she was unhappy. She seldom had been moods but must be one of the work troubles that she had. Hope she stay happy forever.

Gonna chiong my assignment liao...


Sunday, January 13, 2008

My thought, My feelings

After a week of starting the new term, school hasn't been quite fun after all. I started the semester with "alien" knowledge to the subjects. Everything was new and concept was not as easy to understand as before. Is it because I'm getting older, hence the absorption rate become slower? Hmm, that a tough question. Maybe bit by bit reading helps to unclear the fogged concepts of the subjects. Hope I can still maintain what I have achieved last semester.

Yesterday, went out with my darling and brought a few shirts. Out of sudden, we suddenly brought out the issue on why our relationship is different from others. Then I began to find reason until when I brought up a reason which is we seldom had conflicts. Then she mentioned that there was one not to long ago. I began to wonder when since it was not too long ago, then I mentioned that the conflict we had was during her birthday, then I realized that she had not forgotten and really forgave me for that. I was sick for the 2nd time in a row for her birthday. Two years ago, during her birthday, I was struck with sore throat during her chalet and she didn't really had much fun. Coincidently, I was sick last year.

That where she warned me that if this year birthday is the same as the previous two years, that will be the last straw. Now I know that birthday to her is really important and no other occasion can be as important as her birthday. Birthday to her is to spend the time with her loved ones, but all I did was to disappoint her time after time. This year I prayed that I won't be sick on her birthday again.


Monday, January 07, 2008

New Year, New Semester, New Start

Hi everybody, my first post for 2008. With 2008, not much changes is expected for my life as I still be a student for this year only difference is that I might become a nerd after all the studying loh...haha. It is gonna be another fast pace semester with hopes and of coz more study. This time the time table look a bit better with Wed practically free so study and do tutorials. Now I got at least two full study days(Wed & Sun) to study.

With the start of new year also represented the start of another year with my relationship with my darling. Looking back two years ago, it had been a long route in building our relationship and I couldn't describe the kind of feeling of being close to you. No doubt, I hope to have another eventual year with you.

School starts today, with same old friends and jokes and different lecturer with different style. What a differentiated starts!