Friday, December 22, 2006

Sad movie...

Watch a Japanese movie titled "God, Please Give Me More Time!". The Cast consist of Kaneshiro Takeshi as Keigo Ishikawa and Kyoko Fukada as Masaki Kyouno. It was a classic from 1998 and heard from my guys that it was shown on Channel 8 many years ago.
God, Please Give Me More Time!
This movie have been incorporated into this Japanese TV series, such as HIV, friendship, bullying, abortion, parentage and of course, love.

The story revolves around Masaki, a swoony 16-year-old high school student who is an avid fan of Keigo, a music producer. In order to get enough money to buy the tickets for his concert, Masaki engages in a night of sexual intercourse with a complete stranger.

After attending the concert, Masaki and Keigo met up by chance. Keigo bought Masaki to his home where he was entranced by her bubbly and naïve nature. After this one nightstand, Masaki left his house, having no regrets at all.
God, Please Give Me More Time!

Three months later, Keigo came back from his music tour and chose to meet up with Masaki. However, Masaki at that time found herself HIV positive. And through here the story continues to unveil itself where Keigo and Masaki’s relationship continue to develop, from sympathy to friendship to love.

Throughout this time, Keigo stayed by Masaki’s side, supporting her without truly understanding his underlying feelings for her and in the end, falling in love with her. Nearly 90% of the time, Masaki was shedding tears making me also want to cry also.

Rating: (Scale of 5)

P.S. I just found out that I am Senior Second Lieutenant (S/2LT) when i was submitting one of my guys IPPT results. It means soon I will be leaving the force...feeling excited about leaving the force...

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Leave...what's next

I had been in a hibernation mode for nearly the whole of last week. Clearing my leave for the most of the week except Wednesday. But mostly I stayed home to treat my flu. Met my friends over the weekend. I also managed to watch SAW 3 at Orchard Cineleisure. A very horror movie as it shows how human beings are torture in a disgusting manner, no wonder it was rated R21.

In a 2 weeks time, it will be our first anniversary. Just one year ago, I was cadet asking a lady out for a social night event, and one year later, it was time to celebrate our 1st year. The past one year you have see me transform from a cadet to an officer and to really work under pressure conditions. Maybe I don't show it, but deep down I am really boiled down with work and how to forget about work when we go out together. My weakness: I am a workaholic. I just keep worrying about work even though I am a NSF coz I believe that no matter what I do, I will do my very best. Hopefully I can bring this to my university life next year.

For the coming new year, I hope our love will blossom even further coz I believe you and me can make things better.


Monday, December 11, 2006

I'm Back from Rockhampton

Hello everybody, I'am back from Rockhampton after around 18 days. I came back a new person. 1st, I am officially into the adult world as I just celebrated it in the camp. 2nd, I came back with a new experience in life. Haha. Well in this issue, I will no longer discuss anything about army and those who are interested on what happen to me in Rockhampton can make special request for my personal diary recorded in pen and paper. A bit secretive as it involve what happen to me on my birthday...haha... I now believe that picture tell a hundred words. This photos posted is only part of it as most of it still belong to my guys.

Alright, I just leak a little bit. My guys went on to inform my birthday to my ops spec and end up the world of my company get to knows this...My OC and 2IC also got the information and wanted the birthday celebration to start early. My first celebration started on 3rd Dec and a birthday cake right smack onto my face. Next is the drinking part where my 2IC is the chief in my torture. After 4 to 6 cans of XXXX beer, I was dammed drunk and don't remember what happen and they were all saying that I was shouting "Yeah Man"...haha

2nd part of my celebration, I brought 3 bottle of wine and countdown to my birthday. It was nice and relax as there was no longer the part of sabotage and torture. It was good to be 21 and it will be an icing to the cake if my darling is around with me to celebrate.

Enough of that, posted some photos for everyone to see...more photos to come...cheers...

The improvised bathing system

The sand storm

My sleeping area

A shot with my guys

Time to smile

The beautiful sunset

Me in live firing area

The rain is coming

The canteen in our camp

The beautiful beach

"Yeah man"

The nice backdrop

R & R in camp?


The boomerang trainer

The tribe dance

Lunch anyone???

A shot with my guys...M5?

A posh with Miss Mooo...Hope my darling don't mind...

The night club...strip club actually...

An array of wine...

A kiosk selling beer and wine

My room in a motel

Am I drunk?

Western breakfast at our motel

Me with Mun Hon

Yahoo, going back home....