Sunday, May 28, 2006

My "First" week back to OCS

Well actually it was not my first week back in OCS as I have been there for 2 and a half mths before going to Stagmont camp. When we booked in, the room was filled with dust and everything is littered with rubbish. The room smelled of rotten wood and we were busy sneezing away.

Boring lectures

Visit to Navy at Tuas.

Visit to Air Force at Paya Leyba Air force camp.

Leadership training

Visit to the beach where Japanese first landed in Singapore and the Bukit Chandu museum.

Parade Rehearsal

The next two weeks of my OCS term will be mostly parade rehearsal. Expect me to be darker than ever. By next fri, I will be getting my sword and my certificate, it will be my most exciting milestone in my NS time.


Monday, May 22, 2006

I am my own star

I saw this leaflet from this Liuligongfang Singapore Gallery at the Paragon where it had interesting stuff on each individual stars.

The mountain peak,
Is reserved for those who cannot stop climbing.
Is reserved for those who take time and effort.
The path created by my footsteps and my heart
Is a quest
Leading into the pure white clouds.

The sun,
The moon.
I deeply believe
I am cultivating
The world.

I exist
Between black and white.
I exist
Between the rational and irrational.
My Internal debates
Become the way things are.
My amorous affections
Become literature.

Let's say
You were a boat,
I would be your port.
Let's say
You were a flower,
I would be your nectar.
My dear,
What would be the point
Of a world without sunlight?

From up high,
My heart -
Why does it beat so fast?
I have not the power of choice
Because the power has chosen me,
Life has since been victorious.

I use my heart
To spark
And ignite
My own personal perfection.
For better or worse
I will never deviate.

If balance is the key
Then why does benevolence and wisdom,
Love and career,
Become burdensome in a passing second?
Tell me why.

Flying through the sky,
A pigeon,
An eagle,
To me,
These are all inevitable targets,
Passing hesitations,
Regrets of a lifetime.
These are faults I do not allow myself to commit.

The pleasure of striving
Is the possibility of attainment.
The loneliness of being alone
Is the price of freedom.
The archer
Is a dream
No one elese can share.

What I speak,
I believe.
What I believe,
Has been deeply contemplated.
This world of monotonous complacency
Has never shrouded my eyes.

Come clean
With all that is evenhanded and selfless.
Be kind
With all to be forgiven.
Everywhere at once,
The ordinary is what is dear.
Lao Tze says:
To be pure and virtuous
Like ubiquitous waters.

If you are in the East,
Should I be your West?
If you come close,
Should I go far?
Love, oh love,
What is there besides love?
But with love,
Shouldn't it be more than it is?

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Graduation from SOCC

At last, after a long and gruelling 21 weeks of Signals officer course, the day had finally arrived. But without the completion of 70km Ex-Spitfire on Thu morning. The walk start on a Tue from Stagmont camp to Kranji Dam. Our team start off at 10pm and reach Kranji Dam at 2am. Next we walked to Bukit Batok before heading back to camp by 7am. By then, we had already completed around 30Km. But it was still not the end, we still have 40 km to walk where we will head off to Lim Chu Kang area via the Lum Sum Flyover. The route to Tehnah air base was already horrible as it seems like an endless route. Breaks become frequent along the way.

The worse phase of the 70km was the route from Lim Chu Kang Cementry onwards to the police coast guard. The route was boring and i was counting the number of lamp posts towards the next total there was 300 plus lamp post. By then i was very very exhaustion. We had not had any proper rest for the past 18 odds hours. After we reached there, we were ferried to the Kranji Dam where we will walked towards Mandi area for our second last checkpoint. The day soon turn into nightness as we made our way slowly due to out multiple blisters and leg muscle ache. Just before i reached Mandi, i was having signs of heat exhaustion but with water being poured very rest stop, i was able to carry on. I had to complete this to regain the pride lost during the 1st Spitfire. By 12am, we reached back camp with our SOCC mates waiting and cheering for us. At last the ordeal is over.

Yesterday, was the day where all the cadets will look forward as we were officially graduated from the SOCC. Our parents and guests witnessed the grand event and had a buffet dinner at the multi purpose hall. It was the last day i step into Stagmont camp as a trainee and off we go to OCS for our commisioning parade.


Saturday, May 13, 2006

Failed attempt on Marksman

Well, from the title, i missed my chance on getting marksman on my M16 shooting or shd i say one of the weaker one and barly fail the test. I got 17 out of 28 shots but nevertheless i glad to have pass to prevent a reshoot.

As the days to graduate from signals course, everyone was in a exciting mood except me. I was more concerned on whether I can complete the 72km nx tue. I went to pray at the famous temple at the Bugis area to hope for a successful exercise this time. Very crowded since today is a vesak day.

As the days passed, the day where i commission draw nearer. I was having this mixed feeling, can't really describe it. Hope as the day draw nearer, i will be able to write what kind of mixed feeling i am having.



Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Mission Impossible 3...Off In Lieu

Saturday was a great day for me. At last after waiting one month for my gf to finish her exams, I get to meet her. As beautiful as before, we head off to The Cathay for movies and also went to teach her how to play pool at the Paradiz Center. Finished off with dinner at the SubWay.

As the days past by, I get to understand how relationship can be developed and nurtured. What my best buddy said was right, if u got something for her and she got something for u, a relationship will occurred.

Mission Impossible 3
What a fantastic movie with endless stream of action-packed movie coupled with great storyline. Initially when the movie started, I was wondering why Brad Pitt was tied up and was threaten with a gun begin asked regarding on the "Rabbit Trap". But as the show roll on, it was the great sound effects, fantastic action stunts and the missiles that interest me for most of the movie.

What impresses me most is the making of a skin mask section where the skin mask was created based on the shots taken from Maggie Q powder mirror. They even use a card with a digital voice recording to record the voice of the guy that is behind the “Rabbit trap” so that Brad Pitt can imitate his voice.

Off In Lieu

Why I am back at home? Well, today is our off in lieu for Sat Election day. Anyway this week is more on Marksman test. I was more concerned about next Tuesday Ex-Spitfire 2 as it will be my last exercise before everything is totally over for me.

Till next time, out.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

2 more weeks to OCS

Wow, time really files very quickly. As the last test of all test was completed yesterday, everybody was in a exciting mood as the distance from the hard earned graduation of the course. For me, is not about the rank, is about leverage on another level and taking on a greater responsibility upon graduation. But nevertheless i am looking forward to the ceremony.

As for Ex-Spitfire 2, it was confirmed and will be on 16 May. Hopefully this time i can complete the 72km before the Certificate Presentation ceremony on 19 May which is my last day in Signals course. Next week will be a 3 day work week as we are given an off day on tuesday due to today election.

2 more weeks to OCS