Friday, April 24, 2009

一切完美-Perfect Cut 2

I must salute the producer, writer of this show. Even though I managed to catch this show only yesterday. It was full of life meaning and of coz Imperfections in life. I catch all 13 eposides within 2 days and it have change the life perspective, thoughts & idea of life. Of course the different reasons why people seek help for Plastic surgery either for vanity or due to medical conditions. I would rather choose the latter.

The show have definitely change the perspective of me of what I want to achieve for my own future. I regret that putting my studies and future career as my priority compared to my love ones. In the show, every episode portrayed that life is short. I never thought of it before that. I thought life is always about work and work to keep one occupied. In the show, I learned the following tagged lines:

1) Words should not be hurtful, Use it to say I Love U.
2) Trust. If you trust no one, you ended losing the trust from the other party.
3) Nobody is indispensable in this world.
4) Self praise is international disgrace.

Now, is strive whatever you can with hard work. Life is sometimes more rosy than what you think, nothing is perfect but imperfect can be improved. Life is short, there is always not enough time but if time is use wisely like spending time with love ones, life is always as bright. My lessons is learned, what about yours?

Today went for a mini class gathering after bringing my friends for a job interview. Lunch at Sudoku at Heeren. Next we went for K-Box session. Cheap cheap on weekday with student privilege. There might be another gathering possibly with more people..Haha.