Monday, August 20, 2007

What a hectic uni life...

Hi everyone, it had been one week since I last post on my blog. The reasons are mainly that I am still setttling into a new environment. Staying in hostel had its own pros and cons. Pros: More time for studies, don't need to rush back, stay up late to do other things. Cons: Less time spent at home, less time spent with family, need to look for CCA (at least managment committe) to secure for next year stay.

Studies had never been so busy ever since the 'O' levels, within a week, we have to complete programming assignment which is graded at every lab. The pressure to get good grades are also there as more those we entered uni had higher expectations and set a higher standards for themselves. I can feel the same pressure since I had those from the overseas training days during my NS.

During the CCA week, I signed up various CCA and so far attended one of it. But my ultimate aim is to join the hall Orientation Committe. If I did not have enough points, I will have to make plans for coming to school from home. But nevertheless, it was a good experience so far staying in hall.

Due to the increasing pressure, the most person I missed most will be my gf. It feel good to be with her every weekend. It just put my mind off my studies for a while. gtg..out.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

NTU Hall Orientation Camp

Before I joined the camp, I never had attended any orientation camp experience organized by my previous school that I have attended. Mainly the reasons are my dad does not allow me to or I scared to attend these camps. So when the mailer was sent, I chanced upon this opportunity to try out the Hall orientation camp. Initially I was very scare even before I stepped into NTU coz it was like meeting a new group of freshies of different background.

Sunday was the start of the camp. We started off with introducing ourselves and playing simple game like "Blow Wind Blow" to know each other. After that the seniors showed us the place where most students head for supper. That was the first night. The next day, we had dirty and team building games, they are:
1) Carrying your partner to break the water bags
2) Sandwich
3) Transferring cheese ball using body parts (e.g. cheek to cheek)
4) Licking mentos or cheese ball covered with tomato sauce from the upper part of the male body.
5) Water splashing game
6) Relay games & using a board to step to throw the tomato up to the air and the guy muz catch it using the mouth.

In the afternoon, it is an intro to the school compound by playing games at checkpoints.
1) Transfer water sponge to using cheek & squeeze into a water bottle.
2) Music chair while transferring egg cover with kiwi. The loser will get the egg smashed onto them.
3) Guess the drawing game when they use markers to draw onto our body parts & let the rest to guess what it was. Loser had to drink the bitter gourd with sour tomato.
4) Fireman - The girls are blindfold and had to extinguish the candle flame in between the guys legs.

During evening, we got team building games where we would need to protect the senior by bursting the balloons & using candles to burn away the nylon strings to topple the water on top.

The night have yet to end, we are blindfolded again and was given a codename. We are introduce to 5 different potential partners and allowed to chat with them for a given time. Next, we need to write down the codename of the partner on who should be the one on SP(Secret Partner) Nite.


We had amazing race where we travel around in Singapore to find checkpoints. We passed by SKI 360 where I had a firsthand experience on water-skiing. We travel to Golden Mile complex to do a mouth to mouth transfer of chocolate ball to each other by sitting on each other lap and our last stop is at Tiong Bahru Food centre playing the 十字路口. Then we headed back to NTU. Evening, we played various confidence building games such as walking on hockey sticks, arranging ourselves by standing on a narrow bench, forming patterns by moving the nylon string blindfolded and moving hula hoop using our thumb nails.


Sentosa!!! I missed the morning portion due to my Qualifying English Test, managed to join in the exciting part of the game. We had water rugby follow by Protect the President game. The guys will interlocked each other using our arms and legs and the girls will have to use their strength to split open the chain. I was held back very tightly by my camp mates and the girls were unable to pull me out. So they retort to squeezing my nipples, I was screaming loh and it was swollen after that. But overall it was for the fun. Haha.

While waiting for night falls for the Fright Nite, we played a lot of groups games to keep ourselves awake, like the 牛奶 game, Toki Toki, Sesame, Ti Ti Ti (Superman, ah bu, Choiu Bu) game, Number game where we are not allow to say the number we show, "you eat, I eat, shit or lobster", The animal game and many many more. We travelled to Buangkok MRT where we were blindfolded to the location of the fright nite. It was an old school from one of the seniors where we walked to see different scene played out by the seniors. By the time we came back, it was 4am already.


I missed the morning portion coz I need to return home to settle my study award but came back in the afternoon to link up with the SP Nite. We boarded the bus towards NTU Alumni Club located at Bouna Vista. We guys are required to perform something for our SP and I did a GAY dance with my friend. That was Gay lah...Haha. I was fortunate to pick my SP right on my first try. Initially, I feel uncomfortable but it become better after we chatted more over the dining table. During the event, there were games inviting couples to play and the night end off by exchanging contact with each other. Since the theme was fashion disaster, I use my Grey army shirt and cut a heart shape in the middle but end up most are quite decently dressed except for one of my camp mates.


The last day of the camp, we had 100 seconds No NG, Tic Tac Toe. All punishment was to drink disgusting stuff consisting of egg, soya sauce. Afternoon we had war game when we had to use water gun to destroy the "life" on our heads which is a piece of toilet paper. It was tiring running here and there.

During the evening we had an inter-family competition where we have our skit play with the theme on hell and for the most significant will be the cheer competition. We managed to break the record of Carfield two years consecutive winning streak by wrestling the title back to Disney. It was memorable night as we cheered & cheered all the way. To add on, we also won the skit competition. They also showed us a video for all the footages of the 7 days camp which was one where we treasured most.

Next, it was time for the seniors to conduct the initiation for the hall. We were blindfolded all at all time & they smashed eggs, flour, and water and soya sauce on to us. I felt like a clay man when the flour dried up. We were led to various "torture" station where we played games. I managed to find out that we were pulling a tree during the tag n war, no wonder the rope was not moving at all. To conclude the camp, we were make to jump into the stinky pond near Hall 1 and that concludes our orientation camp.

How I felt:
For me, it was a once in a lifetime experience as I haven't been to any of the orientation camp since primary school. It was fun and we learned a lot from each other to communicate and help each other throughout the camp. It was the camp that really bonds us together and these are friendship which doesn't happen overnight. Instead, it was the activities that really make our friendship bond stronger. Thanks for all the fun freshies and seniors.