Sunday, March 30, 2008

Study on a Sunday

Went back to school today and revise for my upcoming algo test on Thursday. Feel is more efficient than me scratching my head for 6 hours without figuring what the code is trying to say. Most of my classmates also went back to get some info on the schoolwork also. It was worth my time coming back to school even though it had been a lazy Sunday for me.

Feel terribly tired yesterday. When I got my afternoon nap, I don't feel like waking up. It was the tired feeling which tells me not to wake up at all. Morning went for Shao Mu at Balastier with my little brother. Then met my gf for dinner before heading home for more rest.

What a lazy Sunday..jees, exam is coming.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Flu Bug is Haunting Me Again

I hate the flu bug. It just make me so lethargic that all I want to do is to lie on bed and shut my eyes. So unproductive. Anyway I got the bug from Fri, where my body don't feel as normal. Anyway, the Monday presentation was not as smoothly as it seems. But I'm confident that our marks will be the same as other groups.

Friday went for my FIRST GOLD CLASS movie at Vivo. It was a different experience with a Five star like service from the gv staff. The seats can be adjustable to lying or seating positions. It was spacious and we watched the The Spiderwick Chronicles which is a funny and grab my attention during the duration of the movie. Furthermore while waiting for the movie, my gf & I joined this roadshow contest to kill time. Both of us got a goodies bag each for joining. If not for the flu bug I had, I would have even a better experience loh.


Sunday, March 16, 2008

How times have changed within 3 years?

3 years ago, I was still a fresh graduate from SP waiting to go NS. Everything was smooth as I manage to get offers from NUS & NTU. And expected I accepted NTU and book my place till I entered NTU two years later. Now looking at the situation right now, I would be worried if I am the one applying for a place in uni nowadays.

On yesterday newspaper, it was reported that some A levels student with 7 A's is worried that they might not get into the Medicine as there are 260 applicants for approx. 60 places. To me, achieving 7 A's was a uphill task for me since I have already struggled during my O levels days. They also see a record applicants for this year university places. Gone are the days where average grade students is guaranteed a place in uni. Every place in uni is being competed and students are trying to do more social work to boost up the resume of their applicants. Come' on, a genuine volunteer won't quit social work after after being accepted a place in uni, is the passion and interest. My brother and ZhengXiang are both genuine cases which have put interest and passion into it.

Are we changing to become a realistic future? Everything you see is about realistic and not about passion and interest. Nowadays, students are more realistic in their choice of the course as they wish to get a easy course that can earn big bucks. The courses are business, mass comm., facilities management and life sciences. Where are the engineering courses? Well those are the one students think are difficult and low paying jobs as compare to jobs in the banking and finance center. I personally take Computer Science (an engineering course), because of my interest and passion. I must admit it is a difficult course to study and not one of the best paying jobs out there after the Internet world went bust in early 2002.

I got friends who think that I'm crazy when I decided on computer as my course of study during poly days. The IT world seems to be crumbling apart from those days and life sciences are the in thing. But something tell me that IT is still my choice. Government had been encouraging students to take up engineering courses but till now, it had been deemed as a tough and low paying job. After going through my NS, I feel nothing is easy. One must still work hard to achieve what he/she wants. I still will stay on the IT industry even though the other industry is booming as that is my interest and passion.

Maybe some of our friends who studied in uni is to get a degree and start working for other industry (banking and finance) to achieve higher pay checks, but for those who decided to stick with their industry are the rare one now. Maybe parents nowadays influenced their children on their choice of their career, but I'm glad my parents just let me choose where I want to go next after my O levels.

Before I end this post, ask yourself this question: Are you studying based on passion and interest or getting a huge paycheck in a booming industry?


Sunday, March 09, 2008

Something is Happening

In just a few weeks time, something big is going to happen. That is the examination period. This semester seems a bit short for most of us mainly taken up by projects. Next week will have one presentation with one report submission. Sometime I still feel that it is still the start of a new semester. Furthermore lectures are now conducted like bullet train speed with the prof rushing to get the modules conducted asap. I just wondering whether overseas university calendar is as rush as in Singapore or is it because I am not putting good use of my time. Only time will tell during exams where the results are out.

At last my programming project is done and now awaiting integration before the final product need to be presented next week. A hectic two weeks of hardcore programming. Now going tune my attention to another two assignment. I was telling my gf that it is a coincidence that we are together especially that both of our lifestyle are hectic and change it to other couple, one party had already initiate a breakup already. Maybe both of us understands what is really important at this stage of our life, which is career and studies. Prioritize of what is really important at this stage of the life as it seeks to spiral out of control if not manage properly.

Very lucky to have u by my side.


Sunday, March 02, 2008

Recess Week Over

In just a glance, the recess week is over. The whole week had been days of programming and programming in the computer lab for the whole of Computer Science students. Tiring as each day past as I program for morning till midnight when I am back in hostel. With less than normal hours of sleep each day, the week had never seems so tough before. We criticize each other work but all in the mood of fun. I guess we were the nosiest group of all.

During mid week of the term break, we had a mini class gathering Nihon Mura restaurant at Jurong West Stadium. It was a Japanese cuisine restaurant. The unique thing about the ordering process is you pick up the Ice cream stick with the dishes labeled on it and put in the cup. It will then process the order from there. Of course that is the standard sushi dishes to top it off. Mostly the "ice cream sticks" dishes are side dishes that you normally ordered. A bit to salty for my liking. I ended up drinking more water than usual.

After Friday lessons, I went to Plaza Singapura to collect my prizes having join the online movie contest and meet my gf for dinner. We had KTV with another 2 friends at the Nee Soon East CC. To say the sound system is bad but for the low price we pay, we can't ask for more. My gf said that I become another person after the KTV session. I don't know why I feel this way but maybe is because I just can't think of any topic to say to a friend which I haven't seen for ages. Another reason is because I been bothered by one of my friends whose problem had made me think before I say anything.

Yesterday or to be exact at 1am today, I went for a night cycling from ECP to Esplanade. It was a first time experience for me and it was a stress free ride even though my legs were feeling sour now. The night skyline of the city is feel with quietness and emptiness. We stop at Bedok for prata supper before continuing our way to city before heading back to ECP and we reached by 6.30am. We took a bus back to hostel and I slept till 2pm in the afternoon.

School starts again tmw...2nd term of work and exam is drawing nearer.