Sunday, April 27, 2008

Exams over...What Next?

Last Fri is truly the TGIF (Thank God is Friday) day. After the last paper ended, it was a relief for me as no more rushing for exam and not more diahoerrea. Haha... Suddenly once the exam ended, there is nothing really for me to do, the sense of emptiness. But after this week, I will be starting the special semester soon so it will be back to school once again.

Yesterday went a friend birthday party. Located at Pasir Ris Costa Sands. Drank volka and chivas and play cards overnight but still manage to get home at 2am. What is next this week? It will be my additional module registered which is project based and will be presented next week.

I looking forward to meet my gf this weekend as it will be the end of her exams.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Diahoerrea Woes

I had the worse experience of my life. Imagine I have to make a pit-stop at Lakeside MRT just to relieve the pressure in my stomach. Looking at my watch, yes, it is 8.05am. Just 45 mins before the exam starts. But it is best that I relieve myself rather than endure and halfway through the paper I had to rush back to the toilet again. I was praying hard that this shall be the last one before the exam and all this S*** can come and haunt me after the paper. Indeed my prayers was answered and I managed the 2 hours without heading to the toilet.

I was so afraid that I am going to be late for my paper and I reached 10 mins before the exams starts. Phew! Along the way to NTU, the thought of getting a MC and skip this exam is too much a risk to take and decided to take the exam. Guess I gonna drink glucose the day before my exams and reduce the risk of food poisoning. Now praying hard that it does not come again on Fri.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Two Down, Two more to go

With two papers down it is left with the final two paper to end the the semester officially. It had been a very very busy semester. From the start till the end, it had been endless amount of projects and when you realize that all the project is ending soon, the exam period just appeared right in your doorstep. This year, I have adopt a different style of studying for my exams. It is group study strategy. It have been a pleasure experience so far and only my exam results will prove that group study is the way for me for future exams. Serious work, plus jokes and laughter during the whole day of studying in the library.

Luckily this group got a common aim which is to get down to study asap and do exam paper. It would be difficult if the group is too big as I feel a group of five is just the right size. Well to say, currently one of the question in one paper I am unable to do as my mind just can't think as fast as the seconds tick. But overall, still ok bah...

For the next few days, it will be back in library for more mugging for the last two semester and next week at this time, my exams would be over. Yahoooooo!


Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Peak

Studying at full throttle is now that describe the title of this blog. Been studying from morning till night since last Sunday in preparation for my first paper next Wednesday. This time, I have change my studying strategy. Instead of mugging at home, I have been mugging in Library with my classmates. I had a pleasant experience when I studied one of the module with my friends in the library and the outcome is good.

The coldness in the library forces me to study but I know that I nearly just switched off when at times I am very very tired. The jokes and fun we shared in the discussion room was one way to reduce the stress. Yesterday, we had a mini fest in the library, had a Subway and Old Chang Kee - Curry O for lunch, tea break and dinner. Our school had a new building with a new range of eateries such as Subway, Mcdonalds, Canadian Pizza, Old Chang Kee and Sakae Sushi. But what disappoints me is that there is no student price. Haiz.

Haven't been able to meet my gf for quite sometime. Both of us led a busy lifestyle especially in the month of April. What got me worried was she fainted at home yesterday due to overwork. Hope u will recover soon and miss u dearly.