Saturday, October 23, 2010

Prawning Tips

The following are the tips for prawning I got from a expert.
  1. Rod: Dipped the rod into the pond to measure the depth of the pond. Use your hand to mark the depth and grab the float. The hook must be one inch off the ground, if not pull it up to the correct height.
  2. Buy a 50 cent hook from Hai Bin Prawning, Bishan to have a higher chance of catching prawns.
  3. Large prawns movement tend to be minimum cause they are larger in size and the float tend to remain above. Tell-tale sign includes auto movement of float from left to right, sudden bouncing of float. Pull slightly to the direction against the prawn to see if there is any tension. Let the float go down if possible, that will signify that it is struggling to free itself from the hook.
  4. Small prawns will tend to pull the float down as they are smaller in size and shorter in height.
  5. Straighten the line. Have patient and wait for the prawn to pull the float down. Then applied a jerk like force to it.
  6. If it is a big prawn, try not to go against the force of the prawn, you will end up with no prawn and ur line hooking the rooftop. Force = Force --> Nothing. Let the prawn go down with your line first then as it struggle, u will feel a bouncing effect on your line. That is the time you should try and pull it closer to you then use your hand to grab it out.
  7. How to release the prawn from the hook? If it got long legs with pincher, out it on the floor and step on the pincher. Break it off and release the hook.
  8. Prawns are attracted to baits that are bloody, like chicken liver, earth worms etc. They are blind but can smell the bait.
  9. Finally, you will need luck and patience.
End of Prawn chapter. Have fun.