Saturday, October 03, 2009

Cousin First Wedding

Today attended my first cousin's wedding. It was a long time since my family side had a big event like this. We used to be so young and turn the clock a few years later, we are already adults. The feeling was like one by one, we will hit a marriageable age and the elders will start discussing the matter every year you see them. As the older cousins get marriage, you will be wondering when is your turn to be at the front of the queue. Once you are there, you will be wondering whether someone has skipped its turn and let you be in front.

Anyway, it is the wishes of the elders to see each child grow up and have a family of their own to complete the life cycle of growing up. Just like the old drama series, "Growing Up", each children in the Tay family will grow up and see themselves as independent adults. I would like to wish my cousin a blissful wedding.