Sunday, September 13, 2009

The 090909 day

Mid week was a special day. Couples all around the world wanted to get married on this magical date as it symbolise "everlasting love" in Chinese. But this date also mean something special as well, it is my darling birthday. Held a small celebration for her on the day itself at Vittles and had a good meal there. Actually that was her 2nd celebration of the day as earlier in the day her colleagues had celebrated over lunchtime. It was a simple dinner but I was hopeful that the gift was the one that will be the special one.

Feel delighted when she said that it was the best gift ever as I have made which is a paper model of Doreamon standing on the Tong Luo Shao. Of coz, the actual gift is the one that she had requested long time ago. What a 幸福小女人 she is.

Sometime, when u make a person happy, you make urself happy too.

September is the peak month for me, everything feels so rush. Reports for internship have been left behind to rush the third project. Everyday have been Java for me and at times you feel sianz just like eating the same thing everyday and getting sick to it. But nevertheless, I still got perseverance to go for it.

I wasted my weekend staying at home all because of the Ops Manning, which mean being activated anytime of the day and reporting it to camp. But until now, nothing, feel so wasted that my weekend is burned for this event as well as to drag out all my army equipment to prepared for it.


Saturday, September 05, 2009

AOH 2009

I make up my mind to go Army Open House last week and there I am today bright and early heading towards Pasir Laba Camp for this year army carnival. I was there exactly at 9am to beat off the crowds but still the major fun events only open at 10am. My main aim to be there early is to take the Live Firing Safari and the Combat Ride Safari. These are the two killer queue that can allow you to queue for hours. Live firing safari consist of clearing the mines, building a bridge to allow the tonner to go through and live firing from the primus.

After those rides, half a day is gone. Had a short break and proceed to some shooting fun. Played the battlefield where we are group into 5. Objectives is to capture our so called enemy(which is flags actually). We have to wear the Load Bearing Vest with the sensors and given a generous 50 rounds to fire at our "enemy". Fantastic.

After that, I proceeded to the Adventure land, where I try out the flying fox. There are many stations like IPPT & SOC, but I only aiming at flying fox. Wearing the harness and scaling from a height give me the adrenaline rush that I have not have for a long time.

Next, I wanted to try the live firing but it had a ceasefire for one hour, probably cleaning the carbon out of the rifles. But it doesn't really matter as I have found a substitute which is the virtual fighter where I try out the P226 pistol where I haven't really tried it. No live rounds but is a computerised simulation but more than enough for me to add a new experience for me. Pistol is very different from rifle even the handling have to held in a different way.

Lastly, went around the exhibit took some photos and brought a envelope knife shape like the ceremonial sword. Collected some memos as well. Also saw some of my old camp colleagues 2WO Karu and 2WO Austia. Good to meet them and have a chat.

Overall, managed to play all the stuff I have planned for and is a day worth at AOH 09.

Photos in my facebook account. Check it out.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

What have happened?

Suffered a bout of flu for around one week, got two day MC which destroy the perfect record. Anyway, can't be bothered. Now at the end of my 2nd month of internship, it still feels great. I just closed my 2nd project and now starting on a new project. Still on Java, but already planned to use some new techniques especially in the area of using more threading and finding alternative to using hashtable. Never felt so eager to learn new stuff everyday especially the freedom I was given to do the project.

Of Coz, life have been better with Internet. No wonder they say Internet is the greatest of all inventions. My supervisor also brought me to see the depot of how the train is being maintained and all the driver console. Quite a high risk place considering that all their electricity run from the top. But it was a good one. Hope to have more of these visit at other areas of the depot.

Army open house is coming up, anyone wanna join in for some fun in there?