Friday, May 22, 2009


The first thing I woke up today is to check my exam results. Been awaiting nervously since the day the last paper ended which did not give me much peace. The semester had been very very tough in the case of projects and the theory stuff of the subjects. I was amazed by the the strength of moderation especially for the subject of AI. Which mean the paper is very very tough. No more of this crazy semester and head to a greener semester. I thought group study weren't cut out for me last semster, but it seems like, is the way to go for me in life as NTU student.

It get even nervous when I work in RELC as temp staff. University of London exams got no moderation unlike in local uni. Their passing mark for all exams is 34 and is really a tough paper, if a person missed it, the person will have to wait for another year before the paper come and haunt them. We should consider lucky since there is a moderation system in place. Big cheers to study group members and MODERATION.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cycling Trip to Ubin

My second trip to Pulau Ubin. Woke up quite early to hit Changi Village where we had an early lunch before proceeding to the jetty for a ride to the island. So fast, it had been one year since I last step into Ubin. But one year have caused prices to increase for the ride by 50 cents according to my friends. Also, it was my first time, seeing a wild boar reared by a resident there. But one bad thing occured, I slipped and fell which result in minor scratches on my hands and legs. But still, fun cannot be discounted.

The wild boar

In the classic cottage

Out at the sea

The mudskipper

Up on top of the tower

Sunday, May 10, 2009

My portfolio

I realised that I need a portfolio on my own as one friend requested me to do a website project wanted to see my portfolio. I ended up losing it as I do not have a portfolio at that time. Hence, I set my foot down and create a portfolio of my own so that in the future during interview I can add it as an additional advantage. Using flash, I came up with a interactive portfolio. For now, I haven't really decided where to host it.

On Friday, my first army gathering since I ORD 2 years ago. Mostly from my course mates from Signals. Had dinner at Shoduku at Raffles City. It had been a wonderful night as we chatted on those funny stuff we did in our course and all those experience life we had in our unit life. I think we are the loudest of all in the whole of the restaurant. Haha. Really, it is long time no see.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Have you wonder the KFC ranking system?

In army or police there is a ranking system to determine your seniority status and ur pay check. Have you heard of ranking system in KFC? Here you go.

In army: