Monday, June 23, 2008

One Month Assignment

Ever since I started off with my one month job assignment, days had been used up without any wastage. Been running from schools, hospitals installing and configuring computers for them. It is a "brainless" job as it does not require a lot of brain juice to get things done and of course I have a bit more muscles in my limbs now. Haha.

Recently I have been feeling stressed about something that make me lost interest in a lot of things in life example relationship and doing things which I always dreamed to do. Not that I have met someone better, but there is this feeling of meeting expectations that I had it confused. I don't wished to give up things which I have currently and there is no problems between us. The problems lies in me as I can't face to the reality. Maybe to start of with, be contend with what I have and just look at the most one year ahead of time. This might reduce my burden and worries.

Soon school will be starting soon. Whether or not is time to make a new resolution for the new semester, guess what is it gonna be like?


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Official Holiday and Worst Education Website

At this time, I would have finished my exams starting my remaining one and a half month of holidays. Good news is that I got a PC Deployment job and will be working for one month. At least the job is IT related even though is mostly hardware. Furthermore, is one of the most "customizable" job I have got. A bit not very happy the way the boss informed my friends to inform me. But who cares, as long I get a job that the end of the story.

Now talking about this worst education website: That will be new NTU website. I was so pissed off by the slowness in the website and I guess the server is running on Windows "VISTA" based server and when I tried to access the NTU website, they gave me this "401 UNAUTHORIZED". Is either their website got hacked or I not sure whether at the server side they are facing permission pop-ups all over the world just like when u run vista and they gave u a pop-up dialog asking u for permission to activate it. I nearly don't even know my sit number when I went back to access the website. It was so dammed slow. When I run the website in school, it was as smooth as ever.

Sometimes I does wonder why Microsoft keep producing software that requires new hardware or if not better hardware. Imagine after a few years, Microsoft came up with new OS with new hardware requirements. Won't u feel a bit wasted where u have plus plus your Laptop with 2GB RAM and so on on your hardware just so that it can run future Microsoft OS upgrades but realize that is not the fact. The fact is that your laptop will need a "NEW" laptop replacement to meet its requirements. I feel a bit wasted as every upgrades make the game unplayable in later versions of the OS. That is sad. Nowadays, software developers are mostly developing without caring the hardware capabilities of some of the older computers. Those SME companies with budget will try to but second hand PC with not very high-end hardware capabilities to save on cost. If this trend goes on, it will be wise for companies to go into using open-source software which are not thirsty for computer resources. Disappointment, Disappointment.


Friday, June 06, 2008

Still searching for "lost job"...

After two jobs interview, there is still the feeling of losing the "lost job". Well both job interviews are my area of interest which is IT. Ever since poly days, I have been working sales and services jobs except my internship. I made a aim to myself saying that I am going to start using my Diploma to find something which I like. I want to add more IT jobs to my resume as this will enhance my resume more. Imagine when you go for interview and they see that previously you have been doing sales & services which is of no relation to ur degree or diploma, they might think twice before hiring.

It is tough to find jobs that encourage newly graduates to join as the company wouldn't want to spent unnecessary time and money training you. Every Sat, newspaper on executive appointments had been stating minimum job related experience rather than fresh graduates. Like one of my friends had mentioned that a professor once said, if he is the employer, he won't hired anyone of fresh graduates. What we learn is a bit of here a bit of there, maybe a certification on certain specialization like Red Hat certified engineer is much more valuable than my ongoing degree course.

Gone are the days where students who are trained in the industry is going to stick with the industry. They are heading to areas where it can earn big money in a month like selling insurance, financial sectors. I doubt IT industry will pay you more than 3.5K for fresh graduates unless u work for a bank in the IT department. To me, money isn't everything, I am going to pursue this line for passion and interest and hopefully giving lecture on IT courses.

Now I just hope the two job interview at least give me a reply, I will be happy to accept any outcome. My results is out, and to say the effort put in had been put into good use and the strategy which I adopt last semester will stay.


Early experiences that convince the male to cover himself....Thanks Diana for it....

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Dammed, still got error

Currently what am I doing now? Busy preparing for upcoming exams? Nope. I had been pulling my hair out as I am creating a personal portfolio whereby I am uploading my projects online. I manage to upload only one project successfully which is my E-Commerce website using Currently I uploading and solving all those bugs in my next project which is called Web Development also using I think I have dropped some hair from pulling all those out.

Why of a sudden this portfolio thingy? Well I have saw newspaper job posting whereby beside the resume and your school results that u sent in, employers also wish to look at stuff you have done previously. I called it a value-added initiative as it give you a few more points for it. But you may need a lot of patient in solving all those bugs.

I think I beginning to hate Microsoft. They are threatening to stop selling Windows XP just to encourage people to change to Vista. Always thinking of making more money and increasing the billions that they are earning. I bet the company will still be the same even if Bill Gates recently just took a backstage role and leaving it to CEO Steve Ballmer. I now in the transition to support full open source software and using out Fedora. It might be difficult to used but more practice will allow you to use it with ease. How does open source software earn money since it is free? They earn money by catering services and support for the end users. For example maintenance service on software or operating system. Support Open Source now....

P.S. Miss u so much darling.