Sunday, July 27, 2008

The World without Engineers!

Without engineers, how the world will be like? Thanks Cliff for these pictures.

Aeronautical Engineers

Civil Engineers

Communication Engineers

Computer Engineers

Electronics Engineers

Mechanical Engineers

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A hiking journey

Just yesterday, my gf and I did something where most will think I am crazy after a long week at work. Our aim is to find something else to do beside the usual movies and shopping. I decided on hiking at the Southern part of Singapore. It is also known as the Southern Bridges and Ridges. I happened to chance upon and article on this and have decided to try it out.

The actual route started from Habourfront MRT and end at West Coast Park, but we decided to modified it such that we started off from Clementi Woods in the afternoon and end at Habourfront MRT by evening. Well to say there is nothing much to see during the start of the hiking from Clementi Woods to NUS except for a group playing Laser Skirmish and a few squirrels.
Prince George's Park (NUS)

After NUS, I took the wrong turn, instead of walking straight ahead, I ended up turning right when leads to Haw Par Villa. As I sensed something is wrong, I asked a passerby and they gave me direction to head back to the correct route and reached Science Park I.

After a long walk thru the quiet Science Park I, we reached Kent Ridge Park. Over there we walked the wrong way for the second time and have to backtrack to the map of Kent Ridge Park. After verifying we took the correct directions heading towards the canopy walk in Kent Ridge. When we reached the start of the canopy walk, it was quite a nice view. Overseeing the southern coast of Singapore. Canopy walk was a bridge that was built across the forested area of Kent Ridge. It was built quite high above the sea level. We saw
squirrel that was circling around the tree and running away before we could take a good shot.

Kent Ridge Park

Just before Canopy Walk in Kent Ridge Park

Tank on top of Kent Ridge Park

Canopy Walk

At the end of the canopy walk, we were lost again coz instead of heading to the Reflections of Bukit Chadu, we walked the carparks instead that head to the main road of Pasir Panjang Main road. Once we were out there, we can't find any sign that could take us to Floral park and Hort park. So instead of backtracking, we took a bus to Alexandra Rd and reached Hort Park. If we haven't done so, it will be a pity and if we have continued walking aimlessly we wouldn't reached Habourfront MRT before night falls.

Over at Hort Park, whereby next to it is Foral park, it was a urban gardening kind of landscape. It seems like an artificial park that was created with plants and trees physically planted. Nevertheless, it was a place suitable for first date or a place for wedding solemnization. Or if u have any important functions like birthdays, they have function room that cater to it. Of course all this don't come cheap as it is calculated based on an hourly basis.

Hort Park

Hort Park Function Room

Lovely Corner

Next we headed towards the Alexandra Arch which connects Hort Park to Telok Blangah Hill Park and Mount Faber. The Alexandra Arch was shaped like a leaf and at night the bridge is filled with colours from the lights. Too bad at that time, it is still daylight. As we walked towards the Steel bridge, it was the opening of the Forest Walk. We saw monkeys that was walking along the rails of the bridge. It seems to be waiting for food from the people but better not give them as they will turn violent.

Alexandra Arch

Alexandra Arch

Steel Bridge of Forest Walk

Monkey business spotted

Towards the end of the Forest walk, we are able to see the the NDP preview that was going on especially the Chopper that was flying the national flag. As darkness is about fall, we headed quickly to Hilltop walk where another bridge (wooden) appeared before us. The bridge had a wave like patterns that spread across the entire Hilltop walk. Over here, we are able to see the 2 parts of Singapore - Residential and the industrial portion. On the floor of the wooden bridge, it says "63.46m above see level." This shows how high we are at. If you want to take nice shots, here is the place but not suitable for dating as there were quite a lot of people.

Wave-like pattern at Hilltop Walk

So high sia.

The view from Hilltop Walk

National Flag flying

Towards the end of the Hilltop walk, it connects to the Mount Faber. It was a 1km walk to Mount Faber. Not much to see really as it is the same view as the other scenery that we saw. When we reached the Jewel Box @ Mount Faber, there was a wedding event going on. Many BMWs and Mercs driving up. Just wondering whether Singaporeans are getting richer and richer? From there, we could see the cable car shuttling between Mount Faber to Sentosa.

To end it off, is the Marang Trail, final 800m from Mount Faber to Habourfront MRT. It was all the way downslope for us and at the end point, we felt a sense of accomplishment and it is amazing that you can walked from one end of Singapore to another. Actually an advice to all, it is better to start from Habourfront MRT all the way than from Clementi Woods coz there is really to see once you have hit Kent Ridge Park. To all people out there, how about giving a try right now?

Finish at last

Here is a summary and the map of the South Bridges and Ridges.


Tuesday, July 08, 2008

It is haunting me

Something is haunting me. Something that happened exactly a year ago. Something that nearly caused my family and relatives relationship to collapsed. I was at the lowest point of my life. I hate to mention it. But seeing the person again on my way back to Yishun made my blood boiled and filled with anger. He dyed his stupid hair and was talking to another person that might potentially be his prey. I just hope this prayed of his just wake up to his senses and escaped from his net.

Today was a hectic day. I have been running from Office to 8 Shenton Way, previously The Treasury and Temasek Tower, to Suntec City. Next it was more delivery from Suntec to Nanyang Poly, Ngee Ann Poly and lastly NTU. Nice to explore all the places out there before returning to deploy PCs at a local hospital.

P.S. After getting assurances from u, it will be just you and me and no other else will interfered on how we should run our relationship.

Friday, July 04, 2008

The Man Effect of not having it

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Tired, attitude problem

Ok, this job so far had been the most tiring. My legs, arms and back is feeling very "sour" after all the moving of old heavy PCs and loading of new PCs. I have decided that once I completed my one month which is due on 13 July, I shall stop working and take a break before the new semester starts. Some hospitals and polyclinic Systems coordinators are good are some are really "unprofessional" in their job. To those who work the same job as me, u will know who I am referring to. She acts cute and ..... don't wish to elaborate further.

One of my "colleague" has this attitude problem. From the first day, I am pissed off by his attitude. Even though he is a "kid" at the age of 20 years old, all he does was to care for himself. Today, he keep asking my friend whether we are finished to go for lunch. I mean we should finish up what we have started off and all he thinks is for himself. If he want other to think about him, he should start sparing a thought for others first.

My darling and I went to Sentosa. Man, it really changed a lot. We went to Sentosa to celebrate her friend's birthday. The Skyride and Luge was very fun and I managed to take photo shot using my cybershot midair while riding the Skyride. My hand was shaking as I struggled to take photos scaring that my cybershot will just fall off into the ground below. But overall it was fun spending precious time with her.