Saturday, December 24, 2005

Pro Term here I come...

By the time u read this blog, I have already got by third white bar, which is also known as senior bar. On Tue, we walked 24KM from our wingline to "Elephant hill" from 10pm till the next day 4am where we reached the area where we will get our senior bar. It consists of Alpha, Golf, Sierra and Tango wing and the march excludes instructors. By 4am, we were tired and shack but the feeling of getting the senior bar made us excited.

At 6.30am, the senior bar presentation ceremony starts. Everybody was in their respective position and getting ready to receive the senior bar from the instructors. The commander of OCS, COL Ong made his way to the “Elephant hill” and the presentation starts. I got my senior bar and help each other to put on the rank. Once the rank had been changed, we end the ceremony with a march pass where COL Ong was saluting and the instructors clapping as we marched passed them.

Next, we marched back to our wingline where all the juniors from Charlie and Hotel wing was lined up along the path of the road, clapping and cheering as we sang along in high spirits. It was one of the significant events in my life as I add another chapter of my life experience.

In the afternoon, we had a Christmas Celebration. It was quite a dull event as the 4 wings that march yesterday were very tired and restless and looking forward to book out in the evening. By evening, we had already emptied the bunk and made our move to parade square for the very last parade with Tango wing. By 8.30pm, we made our way out and bid farewell to our instructors.
Thank U Tango wing for the past 4 months

What a wonderful social night with my date

Yesterday, Tango wing held a Social Night @ Orchard Hotel. The significant of this event was to allow us to socialize with the other platoon mates and the requirement was to bring a date as well. The day was bad, as it was raining since the late morning and I got stuck in traffic jams on my way to Orchard.

At last, I reached Scotts Shopping Center where I met my date and we made our way to Orchard Hotel. For those who don’t know where is Orchard Hotel, it is actually located opposite Forum Shopping Center hiding behind an unknown building. It can be quite difficult for those who go there for the first time. Luckily I am not the worse of the whole lot even though I was late already. From the reception, we signed in and collect the souvenir was quite well designed to say.

The night starts of with a speech by Wing Commander and dinner. It was followed by a singing performance from Chris and Foong. Next it was the couples game, where 5 couples will be selected and they were made to play games like Catwalk, Eating apples off a pole together and holding a balloon without their hands across the stage. It was quite a fun night indeed with my date. The night ended off with us thanking each and every instructor who had put his heart and soul during the course of our training.

As the MC declare the event was over, we took photos together as it might be the last time we meet together before we entered to the next phrase of our training of OCS. All the best guys in ur respective support arms and infantry!

This event was also my first time asking a date out and it was quite a good experience for me. Hopefully the social event, I would be able to make her as my date as well. I would like to thank her for being my date.

Next Tue, I would be moving to my new camp @ Stagmont Camp at Choa Chu Kang for my Signals training. Hopefully the next five months would be a greater learning experience for me.


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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Counting down 3 days…

Right now, everybody was in high morale. Everybody was celebrating the hard work and effort during the past 4 months; we have come a long long way since the enrollment to OCS. Next Monday, there will be a new batch of new OCS cadets coming to OCS. All the best!

Monday (12 Dec)
I had the last part of the signal test (Voice procedure). I think I messed everything up, as I was not sure of the exact way of tactical communication. I got ticked off by the warrant officer for not knowing the procedure well.

In the afternoon, I had OCCT (Close combat training) under the hot afternoon sun at field. I learn back breakfall and side breakfall. It was very tough as I need to jump up high and use the correct technique to break a fall. After the lesson ended, I had aches all over the body. What a Day!

Last lesson on OCCT. This time, the lesson was on the immediate lock. This lesson was one of the toughest as we need to use a combination of hand movement to lock a person and slam him on the mat. I think my partner and I did several times. Shack man.

In the afternoon, we had Method of Instruction (MOI), which mean that we need to present any topic to a section level audience. I presented on Reality Show with my printed staff aids. By the end of the lesson, we were already half asleep.

I slacked for most of the morning. No programme in the morning but in the afternoon, I had a lesson on Hearts Saver (CPR lesson). This lesson taught us how to perform CPR on a person who had fainted. I was also taught on the lesson on how to help a person who was choking. After the entire lesson, I had a theory and practical test. A certificate will be issued once all the tests are passed.

In the morning, I had a lesson on Global Positioning System (GPS). The objective of this lesson was to learn how to use a GPS device to navigate our way if we are lost in the forest.

Afternoon was burning hot. We had a Commander Parade rehearsal. We were marching around the parade square in preparation of Friday Commander Parade. By then, I looked more like Malay than Chinese.

Next, we had introduction on the SAFTI Endurance Obstacle Course (SEOC). This course was for those going to infantry for the pro term. The course consisted a lot of obstacles and is 3.2KM long. The main aim is to test the endurance of the cadet. To pass, they must achieve below 30mins. I tell u, the course was dammed tough enough even though we were walking through the course.

Wake up at 0445 to prepare for the Commander parade. By 0630, we were at the parade square for a final rehearsal and waiting for the Commander of OCS (A full Colonel) to arrive. We were the “lucky” ones to be inspected by him. He inspected every detail of our turn out from head to toes. The Wing Sergeant Major (WSM) noted those who were given comments on the turn out. Luckily I didn’t get any comments by him. Phew! After the march past, the WSM gave out defaulter parade punishment to those whose uniform was commented by the Colonel. If it was me, I would never one a defaulter parade; the most XIONG punishment of all.

In the afternoon, I had my Matador live firing. Overall, it can’t get the same feeling as GPMG live firing.

Friday was also the day where I had Cadet Duty Officer (CDO) for my last extra. As CDO, I practically did nothing for most of the day except to sent reports and accompany my Cadet Duty Specialist (CDS) to raise and lower the Singapore flag. To add on, I also got my posting, which were my first choice SIGNALS.

Book out day! Area cleaning for the whole morning. Inspection took 3 hrs from 0830 till 1100. By then I was already half asleep liao loh. At 1200, we were ready for book out.

3 more days and I will be leaving Tango wing. It had been a fruitful experience over the past 4 months, the high and low and the sad and happiness together as section, platoon and as a wing. For the next step, I will be going to SIGNALS to specialize for my pro term as a cadet. After Tuesday final route march, I will be getting my third white bar and will be a senior cadet. Now I am feeling very excited to achieve the next step of OCS…

Counting down to the end of service term
3 Working Days…


Sunday, December 11, 2005

Relax sia!

After nearly 2 months of training, it was about time to conclude the end of my service term in OCS. After 5 field camps and numerous tests, it had come to a point where my results will determine whether I go to Infantry, Signals, Artillery, Armour or Armored Infantry. But it had been a fruitful experience even though the training has been one of the toughest I ever went through.

Monday (5 Dec)
I had just finished guard duty the day before. Actually guard duty in OCS is nothing, we are grouped into details and serve only 4-hour shift. For me, I served my duty from 8am to 12pm and 8pm till 11.20pm. All we did was to stand at the main gate and chat with the Regimental Police (RP) personnel. The rest of the time, we sat in the ops room chatting, watch TV or sleep.

We had navigation practical test in the morning at the SAFTI live firing area. We had tests on how to use projector to find the correct knoll and compass and map to determine the MGR of the knoll in the map. Geography lessons do play a part in this test.

Practically do nothing for the whole day except for those retaking IPPT or SOC. I spent of the day slacking. The issue of social gathering was brought up and everyone was talking about finding a date for the night. For most of my platoon mates, they were mostly singles and were trying to find a date for the night. We had navigation theory test as well.

I had OCCT (Close Combat training) on breakfall which I don’t really enjoyed doing it. The lesson was on how to use proper technique to break a fall. At the end of the lessons, my neck was quite stiff and my limps were hurting.

Self-study for most of the day and briefing on platoon live firing.

Platoon live firing started from 8am till 1am the next day. We charged up the E-Shaped knoll at the Pasir Leba SAFTI live firing area 5 times. Blanks and live rounds were used and therefore the exercise was extremely dangerous. The exercise start from the assembly area to the Form up place and lastly charging up the knoll. Breaching devices was also use to open up the stimulated defence of the emeny.

At the end of the live firing, my whole legs felt numb. Reached wing line at 0145 and I slept at 0330.

Morning come early than expected. I had only 2 hrs of sleep but the programme must still go on. We had OCCT lesson 2 on arm lock and so on. All thanks to Zheng Da (Close combat instructor), I embarrassed myself in front of the wing as I forgotten most of the steps learn in this lesson. He informed the instructor that I having lessons and the instructor asked brother and I to demonstrate. Aiyo, I really embrassed myself sia.

By afternoon, I had Offensive and defensive military symbols assignment and military law theory test. Practically, that end my day.

Book out day! Had breakfast and some sports and off to book out. But before we could book out, WSM (Wing Sergeant Major) conducted a check in our room for next week “Big Shot arrival”. He took 2 hrs to clear the area. At 1300hrs, is off to home.

Counting down to the end of service term
10 Days…


Saturday, December 03, 2005

Platoon Field Camp

Every field camp, the atmosphere in our wing line is always filled with sadness and sianess. It had been a norm from every field camp as it consists of getting urself dirty, wet and tired.

Monday (28 Nov)
Day 1 of field camp. Reached Marsiling camp site @ 0830. For the programme of the day, it consists of Exercise Skylight and Exercise NightBird. Both exercise were navigation exercise. For the day navigation, we used Air-Photo to navigate to the 4 checkpoints and log points. For the night, we used compass and a normal map to navigate.

Day 2 of field camp. Start of the platoon based training. We had practical lessons on how to deploy firebase and quick attack on enemy as a platoon. Normally, the GPMG team was deployed as a firebase and the rest will be deployed either as point section, charging or reserve section. We also had training on crossing danger area in a platoon-sized manner. The instructors also taught us harbouring drills. This harbouring drills was meant to formed a triangle with all round defence formation. It was also the place where we were going to sleep on.

We also had night quick attack during the night and it rained during our way back to HQ. Morale was low by then.


Day 3 of field camp. I felt bad. First, I had not enough sleep; next I am the section commander. We had training on breaching enemy defense line. We were thought the concept and the drills behind it. It also involved weapons require to breach the enemy defense like corcentina wire. We charged up quite a number of norn during the training. Later in the late evening, we set up our harbouring area using comstoch to tie up the perimeter.

Day 4 of field camp. Nearing the end of the field camp. We had Battle course where the appointment holders will be evaluated based on the deployment of the platoon during an enemy attack. We had a total of 4 contact points where we were required to overrun the enemy regardless of the terrain. The whole course was quite XIONG and exercise was cut at 7pm. We were tired and shack but nevertheless we were going to head home soon. But that was not all, we had to stay up the whole night till the next morning planning ops order and planning attack and route of advancement for Friday’s Exercise Zebra.

I was fighting the Zzzz Monster for the most of the night and not concentrating on what was going on. Haiz.

Morning came too early. A few hours before, it was still Thu but now is Fri. Time really files fast. We had Exercise Zebra (Breaching mission) at 0800hrs. We bashed through the thick forested area in Marsiling area and it was really a tall order as the norn was dammed high and steep. After bashing for half and hour, we reached the Form-up place (FUP) where we saw our enemy. Next, everything comes naturally. We were breaching their defence line and we were soon attacking on the enemies. The movement was really smooth and we managed to overrun the enemies in 7 minutes.

And that was the point where our spirits was lifted as it was the end of the platoon field camp or should I say the last field camp for this year. By afternoon we were back in our wing line. First thing for sure was to hit the showering area immediately. After settling all the admin stuff, it was time for book out. Book out @ 1045pm. Yahoo!!!

What a month it had been. From Exercise patrol, Exercise Spade to Platoon Field camp, it had been a month filled with agony and happiness. At least I had completed all the field camp for this year. No more getting dirty or muddy for the end of this year.

Heading towards the end of the year, my mood is now in a festive state. 3 more weeks till the end of Service Term in OCS. Tomorrow I have to be back early for guard duty by 7am. Feeling sianz but feeling good as well, as I am heading towards the end of service term. Gabata!