Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Year - Genting - School - Army?

New Year
New year new Start. On New Year eve, my Darling & I went to the Marina Barrage is located near the place where the old steamboat restuarant and superbowl used to be located. It had a spectacular view across the Marina sea and we can see the flyer. The exhibition of the Marina Barrage is a wonderful concept of MM Lee that was mooted before I was born. It also incorporated the auspicious "9" onto the rooftop design. Everyone, if you don't wish to be squeeze out by the crowd at the usual countdown place, Marina Barrage is the place for you with abundant space and full view of the skyline.

On new year day, we boarded Grassland bus to genting. My first personal overseas trip in my life. I have only minimal memory of Genting when I travel with my mom to genting when I was in pri sch. That time I was still using the Blue passport with my parents. Genting at this season was very cold. Waited for 3 hours to get a room at First World even though it was considered a non-peak season.

For the trip we have been playing catchup with the weather as the weather was unpredictable with rain on and off but we manage to play a few in the indoor and outdoor theme park. For me, this trip is to see how this relationship can go. I wasn't really playing to my heart contend due to my budget for this trip. I also learn from her that for overseas trip we should have a larger budget to spent on things that we seldom do in Singapore. Some other personal things, I won't mentioned.

Back to school. Many many theory loh. Can't stand it sia. Maybe start early will be best. Got some feedback from my friends that I need to tone down on getting to serious. Let's see how it goes. Sometimes is a bit difficult when u put school work as the top priority.

Also, had steamboat dinner with my sec sch friends in his newly moved house. It was enjoyable one as they talk abt the good old days. They kept pouring volka on to my cup trying to find out information whether what I have did between me and my gf but too bad the truth is nothing happen and I still stick to my stance that I should hit my management position before considering marriage. They still can't believe that saying that 3 years of relationship something should happen. I was very drunk but still the truth is the truth. Haha. Guys talk is always filled with interesting topic especially the taboo subject.

New digital uniform. Since it is just some bunch of pixels. Do they required maintenance anot ? Got warranty for dead pixels or bright spots for the uniform?