Sunday, February 22, 2009


I think I have a problem. If this problem is not contained, it will lead to a bigger problem. Since last semester, I have been too focus on my grades. Everything in life is about the grades and grades. I can't really accept an low grade for my assignment anymore. If I see an low grade for my assignment I will be very demoralised. After last semester encountering "Market spoiling tactics", it make me change my perspective on project and assignment. I have been influence to do more than what is stated in the specification and requirements. This had led me to set very high standards to match with this tactics but this had led to a side-effect.

The side-effect are:
Getting prouder
Set even higher standards
Mood swing
More egoistic
Resistant to accept suggestion
Do everything my way

Now I keeping check on these. I feel a different person from my poly days. Girls hate egoistic guys. During projects, I feel that I controlled too much to get the standard I wanted, after last week, I think I shouldn't control, I just let the ideas and creativity flows coz there is no guarantee that by controlling it can led to high standards.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine Day 2009

Seems like a coincidence. This year Valentine day, I have it simple. There is no fancy stuff like dinner at a restaurant, and followed by the activities in some shopping center. I ended up suggesting "let's got to ECP for biking." Luckily she is fine with the idea. As this year Valentine fall on a Saturday, I have expected all the restaurant to up their prices by so much and crowded. ECP is no less the same. There are many more tents and many more people cycling. Seems like Valentine had taken another form of celebration.

Saw two of my uni friends with their gf or bf. One was doing a mini steamboat at the ECP shelter. It was a very innovative idea till that my gf texted me yesterday that it was romantic and ask me to plan one for it. She also start asking me whether is there more such ideas; the other one I have thought of is the one night tent at ECP loh. Haha. Pls feel free to contribute ideas on activities for couples beside the usual movies and shopping.

After the biking, we travel to Changi Airport T3 for dinner. The Popeye Chicken fastfood was full of people. Luckily is easy to find seats for two person. The chicken tastes ok nothing special except its fries which I found is good. Walk around in T3 and T2 for a while till 10 before leaving for home.

After valentine thoughts:
This year the feeling is wonderful. Firstly, the workload is getting into me for the past week and it was a good relief when yesterday came. I just felt the workload being forgotten. Also, we also had so much fun regardless is on ECP or on the bus or train. The hugs was also...hmm..

Happy Valentine.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

To all those who hope of direct train to NTU...

For all those who longed to have a direct train to NTU without waiting for the 179 and 179A bus, your prayers have been answered but not so soon. Probably you will be taking a LRT to NTU when you are already a alumni with NTU. Haha. As for now, wait for the 179 or 179A bus bah.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

I hate it, hate it

I hate this feeling. Really hate it. Last year I had enough, two of the same old tactics. What can i say. Nothing much expect that this feeling is gonna last another semester again. Now is strength of friendships that will be put to test again. Don't ever try to establish friendly terms coz I'm not interested at all. I look like a total fool following instructions, rules and regulation today.

Tonight it still be over by midnight.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

CNY Week

What a CNY this year. With all the doubts in the financial world, I was happily enjoying my CNY celebration all week. Day one and day two of CNY was spent visiting relatives and friends and bringing my gf to my relatives. Since last year, I haven't seen my family side gambling on poker cards. Instead there is more of the interaction and realise that there were two of my cousins marrying on the 2nd half of the year. They even start mentioning how many grandchildren my grandma have and ranked each and everyone according to the date of birth. I was around 6 or 7 in rank haha.

Yesterday was even better, went to a house visit session organised by my gf's group. Went to my gf house for steamboat before heading to the another house for visit. Played "In-Between" poker card and can u imagine the jackpot snowballed to more than $50 at one time. Luckily we play chips that is worth 20cents each. Each person will get two cards and choose whether to take another card so that this card is between the two cards number range. If it is out of the range, the money will be snowballed to the jackpot. At the end the table we played on is the winner coz it amount to $109.40. They use the first 4 digit to buy 4D but alamak, did not open. Anyway the money was used to buy pizza later on for dinner.

Next stop, another house at Aljuined. I observed how they played majong and learn a few rules. Maybe next time I will try online majong first before moving to the real one. Next up was 21点. The feeling of winning money is good and the feeling of losing more money was bad. Really feel bad for her as she was feeling very demoralise as the game wore on. Supper was at Bugis one of the dessert store before continuing the night.

It had been a long while since I last sang at the KTV. KTV at K-Box at Lucky Chinatown. I think I sound bad, commented by my gf..haha... Had a night filled with new songs and many many retro songs and one of it will be at the end of the blog. This song is really so funny, the dance move is so retro till all of us was laughing out lungs out. This song will be the song of the year and dance move of the decade after Macarena. Oh my, it was a fun-filled night for CNY and indeed it was a wild night.