Sunday, July 31, 2005

Graduation Day

27 July 2005 is a special day for me. It was the day where I had been waiting for in the past 3 years. It was Singapore Polytechnic Graduation Day 2005. The day before Wednesday, I was still in camp but I got the privilege to book out for the morning session of the graduation day.

It was quite an early session as I had to report by 8.30am but the nevertheless the excitement atmosphere was there. Walking through the bridge, I stepped into SP with a different feeling, this time as a graduate. Dressed smartly in formal attire with a SP tie, I met fellow classmates at the entrance and chatted a bit before registering for the graduation session.

As the event started, the guest-of-honour made a speech about his view on the IT world. After his speech, we were presented with the diploma. It was quite a long session but upon collecting the diploma, the feeling was…SHIOK! After the ceremony is over, we met outside for a photo taking session and catch up on each other as well. Next I proceed to the place where I studied for 3 years. I met a few lecturers and took a few photos with them.

Time files so quickly, I made my way back home before booking into Tekong. Glad to say, Poly life had been a wonderful experience for me and to date, my happiest moment of my education route.


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Monday, July 25, 2005

Book In Day

Sad to say, 2 days had pass so quickly. It is time for me to book in for another 5 days for training. What’s up for me in the next 5 days is more physical training and knowledge.

Yesterday, I received a call from MediaCorp Radio Capital 958. The DJ said that she wished to interview my brother and I on our Polytechnic experience and whether we had similarities in terms of how we study and do we study together or independently. As the whole interview is conducted in Mandarin, I felt my reply just sucks and had difficulties trying to answer what she had asked. I hope the broadcast turn out to be “audible”, possibly on wed morning. Haha.


REC Chua Ah Nei

REC Chua Ah Nei Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Book Out Day

At last, 2 weeks confinement is over. The past 2 weeks had been more of physical and mental strength over other aspect. As I am a direct BMT batch, we had less time to prepare our helmet and fieldpack. Furthermore, it the 2 weeks confinement require mental endurance like missing home, and adapting to military life unlike to your normal civilian life. Beside the first 2 days, which I can’t really sleep well, the rest of the 12 days had been quite adaptable for me.

The routine goes like this for the past 2 weeks:

0545 – Stretching Exercise
0600 – Breakfast
0700 – Area Cleaning & Draw Arms (M16)
0800 - Strength Training or Group Running or Close Combat Training
1000 – Lecture (Is Crap), talks & Drills, Marching
1200 – Lunch
1300 – Lecture (Sleeping time)
1600 - Strength Training, Standard Obstacle Course, Close Combat Training
1800 – Dinner
1900 – Lecture, talks
2130 – Routine Orders (Schedule for next day)
2230 – Lights off (Wash clothes, bath, TCS)

The good news is that I pass my physical fitness test (IPPT) & the bad news is that I failed my swimming. But we did a lot of running and being Ulysees Platoon 4, we had the privilege to climb more stairs then the rest of the company. Everyday, we climbed to the top floor of the building as our bunks are located over there. For the 2 weeks, I had completed 10 Click (10km) of road march and singing our hearts out. The most suay thing is that I ganna Corridor IC and Laundry IC, which I found it a bit of crapy.

Anyway, I will be booking in on this Sun evening and another 5 days of training. BTW, if u got any Army song, please sent me a mail or post it under the “Post Comments” section. Thanks.

Until next time, 1 week later. Sign off

Booking Out Song (To the tune of Cartoons – Doo Dah)
Today is my book out day
Book out
Book out
Today is my book out day
Book out
Book out day
No more SOC
No more IPPT
No Sergeant Tekang
Book out Book day

Friday, July 08, 2005

Last Day as a Civilian

Time files so fast and is time for national service tomorrow. Spent the whole of today outside instead of spending at home resting. In the morning, I went to National Skin Center to have my appointment. Phew, at last no more appointment and antibiotics as I am cleared and now under open appointment for 1 year.

In the evening, I join up with my Poly friends namely Azhar, Thava, Mark for dinner @ Seoul Garden @ Causeway Point. All the while, we made jokes and had laughter all throughout the dinner. Maybe is because we haven’t met up for quite sometime. After dinner, we went for 2 hours of Pool beside the Cathay Movie. Well, I think my skill and accuracy just wasn’t up to mark. Missed a lot of shots and there was several times of Scratch. Haiz… Maybe the music in the center just caused me to lose concentration. Overall, it was great to meet up with them as I had yet to see them for quite sometime.

Tomorrow is my enlistment day. After 2 weeks, I will be back in Singapore and all those who are “Desperate” to see me “BOTAK” can Tagged my board during the 2 weeks. But be ready for disappointment…Haha!

Cheers! Cya u guys and gals after 2 weeks.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Rights On Living On Earth

Yesterday, my buddy & I went to watch a movie called “A War of Worlds”. The genre is a bit of science fiction and the whole movie was trying to tell us that certain things have the rights to survive on Earth while certain things doesn’t. Initially, I was thinking that the whole movie is about natural disaster and the theory of lightning doesn’t strike on the same location twice. Instead, the movie is about the “aliens” that travel with the lightning at the speed of 3 x 10-8 MS into the deep underground. They look like jellyfish machine and their lighting strike will turn human or mammals into ash.

The whole movie was about Tom Curise running with her son & daughter to escape from the extermination. The gross part of the movie is the whole field or should I say the whole countryside was filled with blood vessels from the sucking of blood by these aliens. But as the movie wore on, the jellylike machine starts to die automatically due to their inability to survive on human blood and the surrounding. It brings us to the theory that some things are mean to be on Earth while something doesn’t belong. Be glad we are part of the Earth.

Movie Critics:
Title: A War of Worlds
Genre: Science Fiction
Die Die must watch!

Quote from Chua Ah Nei:
Males are mostly systematic while females are mostly empathic.
From the “The Essential Difference about the Male & Female Brain” by Simon Baron-Cohen

Counting Down to NS:

2 Days

Sunday, July 03, 2005

The days being “unemployed”

At last, back to my own normal life. Yesterday, the first thing I did was to settle my resignation from Popular. After settling all my uniform and name tag, my best buddy Zheng Da join me to collect NDP 2005 tickets and purchase army stuff. Below is the time line for yesterday.

1.45pm to 3.00pm
Went to Popular to return my uniform, name tag & locker key. Tender my resignation. Went to Timezone to spent my time wanting for my buddy.

3.00pm to 5.30pm
Went to Chinatown by taking SMRT 851. What a long ride it had been. When we reached Chinatown, we went for a tea break at the Chinatown hawker center. Next we went to Chinatown Point, Sportslink to purchase swimming goggles, then we made our way to Far East Square, the pavilion to collect my NDP 2005 tickets @ Yishun. We spent most of our time searching for the building and after spending an hour searching we finally found it. Collect my tickets and we dash off to have our dinner.

5.30pm to 7.00pm
Had dinner @ Lau Pau Sat located at Raffles Place. We had Stingray with rice and finished off with Ice Kachang. At the same time, we heard the fighter jets flying above the area as they are rehearsing at the nearby Padang for the National Day Parade 2005.

7.00pm to 8.30pm
We made our way to the bus stop and boarded SBS 100, which was going to bring us to Beach road to purchase my army stuff. It was such a long run couple with a bad sense of humor from Phua Chu Kang shown on TV mobile.

8.30pm 9.00pm
Purchase my stuff like PT shorts, black tape, batteries and etc. Just in time, as the aunty wanted to close shop.

9.00pm to 10.45pm
We made our way from Beach road to Bugis to Dhoby Ghaut area, where there was a pool center we frequent often. What a long walk, and we joked while making our way there. When we reached there, we played several rounds of Pool. Final score: (Me – 5) : (Buddy - 4)

10.45pm onwards
Made our way home on SMRT 857. Talk about stupid things and BGR stuff, Army and University stuff. Reached home, sleep…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Counting Down to NS:
4 Days

Friday, July 01, 2005

At last, 脱离苦海(tuo li ku hai)

What a month it had been, at last I had “retired” from Popular, which I had worked for 3 years (not exactly 3 years but the years I went back to work). It was quite a normal day and I met some former colleagues like Shi Xuan, Yugui whom they have just sign up to become Part Timers. Well, all the best to them. I had mixed feelings leaving Popular. The staffs are really nice except a few bad eggs. But the day has to come for me to leave to look for better opportunities and of course my NS. Nevertheless, it had been quite a good environment especially meeting 3 batches of Popular Part timers especially the Nov and Dec season. It not only provides a youthful environment, but it also open up my social circle.

Well until then, NS in a week time. Cheers!

Counting Down to NS: 7 Days

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