Monday, September 25, 2006

What a rotten week

I just need some breathing space. After being mocked at for the meeting on Wednesday by my Bde commander, I was so stressed as well as frustrated things had been going for me. I thought it was normally the top management that know what project to play for the Nov exercise, but all had to depend on me to decide. The stress is on me because it determine the key to success for this overseas exercise. If I f***ed it up, I may end up in a lot of trouble. Should take it easy and let the exercise be a f***ed up one or should I be more on the ball type and make this exercise a success but with more stress added to myself? I am really troubled no matter how much I do, I will not get any recognition for my work and my boss is always arrowing all his job down to us. I admit that I am not as good as my upperstudy and I need time to get things done. To add to this, while having sports and games (soccer), while heading for the ball, someone knock into me causing a long cut on my forehead which required around 7 sitches. Very suay indeed, and I am going to refrain from playing soccer from now on.

My only bright side is looking forward for the weekend. I spent my Sat with my darling and I sorry to scare her with the cut on my forehead. We went to the Bugis temple to pray and went to find my computer stuff for my boss. We went to Breadtalk at the Citylink to purchase 2 boxes of mooncake. Intially, I thought she brought it for her family, but when I see her home, she pushed one box of mooncake to me before she board the bus. I was too stunned to react and she later sms me saying that I been spending less time with my family due to my stay-in in camp and every weekend keeping her company. It also wish my family to have happy mid atumn festival. I was touched by her kindness as well as she cares for my family. Really grateful to her and would like to say that I am lucky to have a wonderful girlfriend like you. Thank you, darling.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

In a Very Bad Shape

For the whole of this week, I was in a very bad shape. Since last Thu after I lost my voice, I didn't have time to recover. Yesterday went to see the Medical Officer and got medicine and MC for my flu. I have been waking up early to help conduct physical activities for the brigade and had insufficent rest.

I was also wondering what would happen if my senior is going to ORD and who is going to help organise physical activities as well as other activities. I guess I leave up to fate to decide.
Still coughing away to my duty on a Sat...

Monday, September 11, 2006

My Darling's Birthday

There is a saying that once a person hit 21, it means it is the transition from teenage to a young adult world. To some it is a special occasion to celebrate to some it is not. To my darling, it was special occasion for her. Her preparation stretch before the second half of this year. So as mine for the preparation for her gift as well. I took leave on Friday to help her with the preparation.

It kicks off on Friday afternoon by transferring the BBQ and the party stuff to Pasir Ris Downtown East Chalet. After checking in, we setup and get ready for the BBQ. Her parents came later with most of the food as well as the extra chairs and table. Friday is a celebration with her SIM friends. Even though I still have yet to recover from my lost of voice, i still managed bits of conversation. For the BBQ, I should say it sucks big time. I think my skills were not up to scratch and luckily I still have Lens and my darling's brother to start the fire. Fun starts and food flowing all night. We played a lot of games like hear attack and so on till 3am, by then i was already half dead and juz waiting for the bed itself. At 12am, we sang a birthday song to her and I was requested to kiss her on her forehead. I hope she dun mind when i kissed her on her forehead...haha

By noon, the SIM group left and we were left alone to decorate the whole place and shift the stuff to make the place more spacious. By late afternoon, we were preparing the food using satay stick and time seems so fast that it was time where the guests are about to come. At least i managed to start the fire and everything was well into place. Her relatives, friends from poly, sec, and her colleague all poured in around 7 plus. Her brother and I was like the BBQ guys BBQ all the marinated food. Around 9pm was the cutting of the key shaped cake which symbolizes the key to the adult world. We sang birthday song and took photos with different batches of friends. It top off with champagne and grape wine. Once everything ended, my daring and I with her brother and 2 other friends stayed overnight but I had no energy left and dozed off immediately while the rest are still playing. My darling dozed off after playing one round and all ended up sleeping.

Sunday morning we head off for breakfast before making our way home.

P.S. Really enjoy helping her with the preparation and accompanying her throughout the 2 nights. Please open up the gift I gave u even though the packaging was to beautiful to be taken down. Haha... To end it off, I LOVE U...

Monday, September 04, 2006

Love Luv...

Have u wondered what is love?
Have u wondered where is love?
Have u wondered how love come about?
Have u wondered why love is important?
Have u wondered when u need love?

8 mths is neither a short or long time, but it allows me to understand what is the meaning of love. It allow both parties to be able to understand each other well as well as to show affection. I watch a channel 8 show on Sat 9.30pm, it was show called "Hey Baby!". The most interesting part of the show is the language of love. Different people have different language of showing love.

The five love languages are
1) Words of Affirmation
2) Quality Time
3) Receiving Gifts
4) Acts of Service
5) Physical Touch

You may find more information from