Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Watch CJ7

Went to catch CJ7 with my gf using the two complimentary tickets that I have won last month. Quite late to catch the show, but it was full of laughter overall especially the cute CJ7. Wondering if they going to sell CJ7 with different pattern as shown during the ending of the show. Maybe Mini Toons can considering importing and sell it over some special occasion.

A typical Stephen Chow movie which usually contains some kung-fu flicks in most of the movie he has make. Compare to Kung-Fu hustle, this movie was a bit behind but it make up with wonderful animation of the CJ7. I'm impressed the way CJ7 was animated and design. Overall it was worth the show.

Shaw Jurong is one of the oldest cinema in Singapore. When we stepped into the theater, it was rather small and the seats are those that was not designed to suit the backbone. My bone become quite stiff after the end of the show, but that didn't deter us to enjoy the show.

Another day in the lab and more programming and report...Hope tmw can start on revision...


Sunday, February 24, 2008

Recess Week

At last, the recess week is back here again. But sad to say, the whole week had been taken up for the extra module which I was registered which is co-related to another module. On top of it was numerous project which we will be submitting in the 2nd half of this term. I have been rushing two project so that hopefully I can reserved sometime for a bit of revision.

Went out with my darling yesterday to catch CJ7, but the Golden Pass at Vivo was full so we ended up not watching any movie and head for dinner at Togi (Mosque Street) instead. After that, we head back home. At least that is the only time where she and I can pull ourselves away from our work. It was wonderful having her by my side.

Now back to another week of sch, it will be Java programming all the way for this coming week lessons and will sparks fly and fire resulted in the lab? We shall find out this week loh...Haha


Sunday, February 17, 2008

Another weekend just past by

Well, this week just past by me so quickly. I went back to hostel last night and today I meet up with my friends to study for tomorrow Algorithms quiz. It was quite a fruitful session especially with Benson. Got a lot of knowledge from him even though the afternoon sun was just terrible. Study had become a 6 days schedule. Projects took up most of the nights and so Sunday had to be use to supplement the study time.

Another reason for not going out yesterday as my gf is busy with her auditing work and it will be good to let her finish her work rather than rushing to go out. Hope to meet her next week as she will always be my source of energy for the coming week.

Tired is a yes, endurance is a must yet we still need to complete this route.


Sunday, February 10, 2008

I smell a RAT in the New Year

The year of Rat. The year which I describe as the year of surprises. This year CNY visits start off rather late. I only made my visit at 6pm on the first day of CNY. But this year visits stretched up to 3 days which is also the first in a decade. Normally we will complete our visits in one day but this year is special. At last, my grandmother manage to see my gf as she had been asking me to bring her over. Always before CNY, I got this feeling such that what am I going to talk to their family members about? It will be very uncomfortable if it is a total silent throughout the visit. Luckily I managed to chat up with their family members especially my gf's 姑姑.

I also made visits to my secondary school teacher who have just moved to Bedok South. This year the river hong bao at the Marina Bay was a disappointment. Compared to last year, the display is a bit less appealing and I supposed some of the display were a repeat of last year. Mostly the event is to sell more things then promote the annual event of river hong bao. I also didn't manage to see my zodiac as it was crowded.

Well, after the long CNY break, it is down to work again. This time there will be no break till the end of the exam as our term break had been taken up for another module that had been run concurrently with our modules. It shall be a long long run up before the next break.

Happy CNY.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

CNY is coming to town

After today, it will be 4 days before the CNY celebration. Preparation had been make in every household especially in the areas of spring cleaning. Well for me, I looking forward to an extended break stretching from Wed till Sun. It will be a so-called break where I will get a bit more of sleep then during term time.

At last get to meet my gf for dinner and shopping. Didn't have any aim when going out for the first time but just wanna to relax after so many days of projects. Just started get sick of projects day in day out. But that life in NTU. For the next two days, it will be projects till late nights again. Now I need more running to sustain my lethargy-ness to last for the week.

It is also my first time going back to school on Sunday to study with my friends. Now I putting in a 6 days study week liao. But the good thing is I get to discuss problems with my friends. But the bad thing is sometime it is not really productive as some would not be doing much as there is no aim and motivation to do the problems. Sorry for calling more people to this study group but for the first time round I want to see how it goes before asking more people. It seems like a small one will do rather than a big group of people. But for me, today productivity is average. I shall see the in the weeks to follows.

Gonna go running...out