Thursday, June 28, 2007

My Survival Kit to University

Well, one month more before I step into my university life. The main concerns with most students are money matters. Even though the government subsides part of our school fees, to some students like us that come from average families, it seems like a big item. My school fees in total is about S$28,510 ++ and have to take tuition fee loan from one of the bank. I find that there is more procedure compare to my polytechnic application where all the application are streamline into one package, all you pay is one package for everything including the email accounts and other necessity.

However, I am not going to be bothered by this loan once I start my term coz the main focus is to study. I take inspiration from one of my secondary school friends who are less fortunate than I am and survive thru it. I think she got quite good results as she was offered a chance to go for honours but chose to reject it. She also took up bank loan and teaches tuition as well as working part time to earn her own daily allowance. I really admire her ability and endurance to survive thru the 3 years.

Even though the cost of living is increasing, I learn to spend what is necessary. Items such as Laptop and books are a necessity will be purchase. Things like DVD player will not be in my radar after I graduate. Things like clothing will be like cut down to once every three months. Entertainment spending will be cut down to once a week, Saturday will be partially use to teach tuition and Sunday is reserved for studies and my physical fitness training. Practically I have plan what will be like in the next four years to come.

I think I feel better if I plan my stuff well coz that how I occupy my time and spent it wells. There is this formula that calculates the number of hours we spent sleeping. I change it a bit to the numbers of hours we wasted so far. That doesn't include time spent with gf coz I considered that precious time that is well-spent. Haha. Out

Time Wastage Calculator:
Time you spent idling per day: 4 hrs

Age: 21
Time Wasted so far: Age (21) x 365 x Time you spent idling per day(4) = 30660 hrs. That’s a lot already.

P.S. Any good survival plans, feel free to post it here.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

What I have been doing for the past 6 mths?

Ok ok, some of you might been wondering why the blog had not been updated for 5 months or so. The reason? I have been lazy lah and furthermore someone post a comment under the nick of "Red Forces" & "Blue Forces" saying that I shouldn't post any sensitive army stuff.

On NS...
For the past 5 months, it had been a total change from one phrase of my life to another. After coming back from Australia exercise, there hasn’t been much stuff to do in army except the Chief of Army Change of Command parade and packing up my bunk to move out. In May 07, I officially step out of army and become a full-pledged civilian again. Thinking back those days, it had been filled with happiness and sadness. That makes a NS life wonderful as they’re always the Ups & Down in the real world.

Initially when I stepped out of army, I felt lost and the confidence that I used to have suddenly disappear from me. I felt so scared and nervous meeting new people. Hence I have been wondering what had got into me. Is it because of my appearance or is it just "Xin Li Zhang Ai"? Well nevertheless, I treat as a learning stage to relearn what I have lost during the past 2 years. There was so much difference from NS to real world.

Everything in NS was planned very nice but routine while the outside world is full of uncertainty. As a former commander, I can't pleased anyone even though I wish I could but what I hope from them is to find a meaning in life and pursuit what they think is best. Gone are the days where we behave like a kid instead is time to embrace new challenge in life. I hope you guys will treat me as a friend instead of a commander as that was the best part in my NS life. Call me by my name, as I don't feel comfortable in my rank title, as that was history already.

More on personal...
Well to say, my relationship with my beautiful gf is steady but normally problems lie with me much. I don't mean quarreling, but more about my personal thinking. I used to wonder that I would be studying soon and my gf is currently working full time. Will it affect our relationship since one is working and the other is studying? I admit that I am jealous who have graduated in my 1985 batch coz I will be studying for a long 4 years for my degree. I will be 26 years old by then and way behind from those who have graduated now.

But now, that doesn't bother me now coz it is the fact that I have to study 4 years. What I felt is that if a issue bother you to much till it affect everyday life why bother thinking about it and move on. Anyway, the fact is that guys will always be 2 years later than their female’s friends and poly graduates will be 1 year later than JC students.

Some of close friends might know what happen and mistake I have made 1 month before my ORD. I nearly screwed up my life over a "job" which I was trick into doing. It nearly affects my family as well as my family at that time. But after 2 weeks, I totally ignore their call and tell myself not to find them anymore and of course a much poorer guy.

Now I got a temporary job which doesn't need to harm the relationship between family & close friends and much happier coz I don't need to face the backlash from them. I also manage to give tuition on IT modules to a poly student. Very rare to find students that requires tuition on poly stuff. But at least I get to use my diploma to some use. Haha...

I like my gf character. The kind of carefree, happy go-lucky type. No worries to think or if there is worry also prefer not to think about it. Sometime, I wish that I could be like her but I can't help but think. No wonder people say I think too much coz some IT modules need to think in order to produce it. Now better don't think too much, if not I will lead an unhappy life, which can cost my relationship and studies to nose dive to hell.

Also I have to clear away one bad habit, which is not to talk so much on army stuff. Since I am already out of army, I should stay out from army related stuff. If not, some of them will be unhappy loh. Haha...

Out for now...