Friday, December 17, 2010

Nope, this blog is still opened

Well I have been missing in action for months but that doesn't mean the blog is closed down or whatever the reasons. This final semester is very important to me. Over the past few months, I have been actively searching for a job, finalizing my final year project and handling the usual work load in school.

As of now, I have just ended my exams. This exams haven't been on form. Missing out on 1 or 2 topics which appeared in this year exams. Probably not the ideal way to end my final semester of studies. However it was a relieve that the course has finally brought to an end. I have studied like I have not study in my lifetime. Pushing my own limits with each semester for the pursue of my own interest. To many, that the end of their education journey but it was a discovery of a specific area in IT which I discovered over the years. This area of interest will eventually be part of my requirements in finding the ideal job.

Uni life has offered me some of the best moments as well as bad moments. Best times includes internship, the company of cliques and the friendly lab technicians. Bad moments I should say should be my hostel life, and and the strong competition in fighting for a share in the score market. Studying exams was quite of a mental training as I realized that it was training your mind to take in knowledge more than its usual capacity. Overall uni have prepare mentally for the working world and I feel I have gain much in understand certain aspect in IT. No regrets in pursing this course but probably it has stretched me to the limits.

To end the year of 2010 with my final semester is what I have wanted as I will start a new year joining the workforce. Cya.