Saturday, July 29, 2006

Huh, What is Cashline?

When I received a SMS inviting me to a game called Cashline, I was wondering what it was in the first place. Was it the famous financial game show that the Channel U is showing or was it the DBS card that was named Cashline? Furthermore, the meeting place was at Kembangan MRT, time at 12 noon.

I met up with Yong Heng and gang before we made our way to the Private estate near Kembangan . The private estate was quite posh to say, as it was at least 3 stories high with a very well designed interior. Once I entered the house, it was filled with the Aromatherapy air. Anyway, I have knew that it was the company that he had worked in which involve MLN (Multi-Level Marketing). We started off with introducing ourselves before we start the game called Cashline.

This game was actually on how you invest when opportunity come ur way and how u sell it when the price is right. It also depend whether u want to borrow from banks to fund ur investment and recoup at the quickest time possible. The rationale of this game is to get out of the rat race where we work for money and not money work for us. Actually, most of us are in the category of working for money instead of the other way round. What I learned that we could make money work for us by investing in good property, shares or business and growing money at the same time while holding a daytime job. It was fun and I managed to get out of the rat race. As the game was played, the MC gave advice like the different between good debt and bad debt.

Good Debt vs. Bad Debt
Good debt is debt that u borrowed to fund on potential property or investments that will give u returns on top of the debt u have incurred. This kind of debt will allow u to payoff very fast if Return of Investment (ROI) is high.

Bad Debt is money that u borrowed to buy Plasma TV, renovation of house and something that u spent on. It will not have any ROI.

At the end of the game, there is a recap and lessons learned in this game. I also had a further insight into how MLN works but had to consider only after this year as I have my priority set on my NS liability especially for the prep for Ex-Wallaby this yr end. I think I might try out (with my parents objection) this MLN but may need more consideration. Also I met quite a lot of new friends with different background some with similar background as me. It was interesting how they talked about how they changed their perspective after joining MLN. Nice meeting u guys, hope we shall meet again some other time.


Friday, July 28, 2006

Outfield support for 2SIR

For the whole of this week, I was attached out to help 2SIR in their mock up ATEC in preparation for the real thing in end August. The purpose is to test the proficiency of the Battalion in preparation when war does happen. It was a large scale exercise which involves a whole of manpower and logistics. The actual exercise started on Tue and end on Thu evening. It consists from the planning up to the execution stage.

Arrive in Amoy Quee camp awaiting for the start of the exercise. It started off quite late at around 4pm before we move out to the next area at Lim Chu Kang. I was last minute appointed the Safety Team 2 OIC. At 12am (Wed), we set off to the Singapore Shooting Club to cover the Safety.

At 2am, we move off to Lim Chu Kang Training shed and to ATC (Amour Training center) training shed. We end the morning at the ATC for breakfast and rest. At 11am, we moved off to the E-Shaped knoll at Lim Chu Kang to cover safety for the heli-lift of the troopers. The troopers landed at 2pm for the next objective. It was also my first time seeing the heli-landing of troopers in such a training ground.

We cover the next area at Lam Keong area where troops will be landing at 7pm. This time the Chinooks will be arriving in frames to transport all the 2SIR personnel to the landing site. It was a breathtaking sight as one by one, the Chinooks landed and personnel from the Chinooks just ran out and took cover at the vegetation. After the landing, my teams proceed to the Singapore Shooting Club area to cover safety for the ongoing troopers heading towards their actual mission area. By then I was activated as there was already 9 casualties. We ferried them back to the admin area to rest.

Sleep was only a occasionally nap that all because we need to cover safety whenever the troopers proceed towards their objectives. During this period of time till the next morning, they will be fighting a attack mission and followed by a hasty defense mission in the day. The exercise was cut at 4pm.

Lessons learnt during the exercise:
1) I didn't the chance to Reece the area before the exercise so therefore I nearly got lost in the forest. Map must be a must if not sure got lost.

This really gives a very good experience on how a battalion exercise was conducted as this large scale exercise doesn’t come by easily.


Sunday, July 23, 2006

Ice cream making @ Yuki Yaki Posted by Picasa

My sword in the long awaited sword case Posted by Picasa

Terrible week for me...

The week just get worse before Sat as my server crashed showing a blue screen. Tmw will be D-Day as we evaluate what we are going to do with the server. On Thu, the meeting at Jurong Camp didn't yield much information to what I expected. What I wanted was the stuff they are going to do in Ex-Wallaby in Australia for my team itself. To me, it was a waste of my time, as I don't really understand for most of the session itself.

I am now cracking my brain on what to do and prepare for my Info Sys team as I am left alone with my senior to trash out whatever we can do without the proper guidance from our OC. Sometimes, my mind juz went blank as that is that much I can think of. Maybe I shouldn't try so hard, juz enough will do. Juz on Thu, one of my Signal Company operator got 2 extras, which I felt, was not properly justified. I also don't wish to elaborate much.

Over the weekend, met a couple of friends whom I haven't seen them for quite sometime. All the best in ur work and studies, shall catch up with u guys soon...


Monday, July 17, 2006

The story of officership still goes on...

Into my third week of officerahip. The route just get rougher and rougher each time as the days past by. I learn quite a lot from my senior but too bad they won't be following me up to Ex-Wallaby during end-November. But I still feel very in-confident of myself in everything I do. Is it becoz of I scared of getting into hot soup with the senior officers? My answer is yes. The same thing happens throughout my trainee experience as I something doesn’t understand why we need to do this. The problem is I never get the rational of why we are doing this and that. Maybe sometime it is for me to go and find some answer out of it.

I had a wonderful time with my gf spending it at Yuki Yaki at the Marina Square. What we both think was a waste of time was during the movie called "Thank You For Smoking" at the Orchard Cineleisure. It was a boring and lame joked movie which consist of a lot of foul language used during the whole movie. Don't watch it if u intend to watch it. For Yuki Yaki, it was something like Seoul Garden but in a Japanese style. We had a good time barbecuing the food but the most unique thing about this restaurant was that we had to make our whole ice cream. Initially the ice cream created was in bits and pieces but during the last round of ice cream, we pour 4 cups of mixture and created a pancake of ice cream. It was fun to end off a dinner in this manner. Too bad, it was limited to 2 and half hour for the duration if the dinner and it is only located at Marina Square. Remember to book a place before the peak period starts from 5.30pm.

Foodie Guide
Name: Yuki Yaki
Location: Marina Square
Tel: 63389680
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (Good service and variety of food)


Sunday, July 09, 2006

Wat a bad experience on my 1st DO duty

This is my first time doing duty as a duty officer and it leaves me with a very bad experience. Firstly, I got a new inexperienced clerk which locked out the DOO account. I got a shocked but had to stay cool and called my senior about this. His advice was good and I am able to solve this problem in another way. The solution is that we sent the report to our sister battalion to the HQ. Until now, the account is still locked out.

Nevertheless, this experience also gave me a learning value and how to solve this problem if it occured again. I don't blame my clerk as he is still new as I am. Hopefully this will not occured again.

In the meantime, I am still in camp at this time.


Saturday, July 08, 2006

Haiz, a private in the Officer class

From the title, you can see that I am feeling very down. To sum up the week, I had DO (Duty officer) duties to do tmw. To add to the misery, I also had duty on Mon where the whole bridgae is on off in lieu. Actually, I can choose to book out, but the camp was locate up on a hill that put me off. Furthermore, the back gate and the front gate is not open during weekend and no vehicle can enter thru the gate. I will end up walking up the slope.

Officership for 2 weeks is not always smooth sailing. I think it means more work than my specialists and IS team. For example tdy, I had to solve the port lifting for the commander office by emailing the request and calling the respective units to check whether it was lifted or not. Actually it was the job of another department but since we are the one doing computer stuff, it was more of a convience for them to referred to us. People juz don't koe how to go thru the correct channel. More "Challenging" tasks ahead in the mths to come.

P.S. It had been 1 wk since I last saw u. I think I going miss u for another wk. Miss u always.


Sunday, July 02, 2006

First week in my new unit

My first week in unit, 3SIB Signal Company was really uncomfortable. I not sure why, and I have this feeling everytime I entered into a new environment where there are different people and surrounding. I should say my adaptation to different environment is slow. But nevertheless, I got my first taste of unit life.

From day 1, I have been following my senior whenever he goes and by the way I just switched from Ops Officer to a CCIS (Information System) Platoon Commander. I learn from Duty Officer duties to solving the computer accounts for the staff in 3SIB. Mostly I deal with lots of email and computer related queries from 3SIB. As I am not specializing in CCIS, I have an uphill task to learn from the specialists regarding the server. With Ex Wallaby coming up in Nov, I need to learn fast and be proficient in it. Beside this I also had ICCT (Intermediate Close Combat Training) doing the entire break falls and locks. 15 lessons in total.

What is the difference between trainee and officer?
Trainee – Vulnerable yet protected
Officer – No protection and more arrow work.