Saturday, July 25, 2009

Office Politics

In every office environment, there is thing about office politics and grapevine appearing almost everywhere. Just a few days ago, had a gathering with my friends and one of them was mentioning about her office environment especially among the fellow interns. I thought office politics only exist in only Perm staff but among fellow interns who were also students was almost unheard of. For student at intern, we should just stick to our work and do our best, anywhere by having office politics we also don't stand to gain (in terms of monetary and promotions).

Had lunch with my colleague yesterday. This lunch group was the most entertaining of all and of course a free treat from one of the senior staff. He was also from NTU but graduated in the early 2000. He is surprised that culture in NTU have yet to change since his time. There is a lot of similarities in terms of hall experience and of course I bring home a valuable lessons on work life. He was very encouraging in terms of getting a testimonial from my supervisor which was there with us.

He mentioned that for fresh graduates, interviewer will always ask "What makes you different from others?". So he just say, the testimonial make me different from others. We also chatted over our dialect and the different in girls across all dialects. So far over the three weeks intern, it was lunch that I always look forward to. It just take your mind off work just like what my supervisor told me on my first day. "We don't talk work over lunch".

Sunday, July 12, 2009

A week at work

After the first week at work for my internship, the comment is so far so good. I was occupied for most of the minutes, hours of the work time. But there is this saying that if a person is holding more allowances and doing less things AND GETTING an A grade for internship, that will seriously spoilt the LAW of FAIRNESS. I'm still praying that doesn't happen coz the more you do the more learning u get just like investment in market. But this theory also have a flaw which does not guarantee a 100% returns of investment. My motto, do the best in everything.

Went for a SPCC birthday celebration for a friend. Lunch was at Pasta de Waraku (Marina Square). It was quite a huge turnout since all SPCC members become alumni. After that we have K-Box for 4 hours. Since I am at internship, I should just let my hair down a bit. My supervisor was telling me that at lunch time we shouldn't discuss anything about work instead talk other things. In school, everywhere I go, it was schoolwork and schoolwork, none of it was outside schoolwork. Now is time to take things easy, or should I say forever. It wasn't easy for the last one year where everyday in school is fighting and staying in the competition loop.

A new way of life awaits....

Monday, July 06, 2009

Internet Starvation

I need my Internet...56K also can...Doing work without Internet just make my work even slower with a slow laptop. But still, friendly environment to work in. But still, I need my Internet. LOL