Monday, July 23, 2007

Mizuno Wave Run

Yesterday, attended my first official run this year. The Mizuno Wave Run was held at Temasek Polytechnic. My friend and I was late for the run as when we reached there, the run had already started. The weather was nice and cooling but the Bedok reservoir was wet and muddy after the morning rain.

We changed immediately and joined in the run. As we ran, some other @#$@$ runners just splash the mud water on me and my running shoe end up wet and soggy. I also end up with a slightly injured left knee. But the goodies bag was a slight consolation as it consist of the singlet which I wanted and a shoe bag for a rather unsatisfying run.

Feeling very happy since Sat as I spoke to my darling about my trouble and worries as well as what I felt about her. It had been a long time since I talked to her. went to Tampines and went to 4 malls naming IKEA, COURTS, Tampines Mall & Century Square. Despite being tired, seeing her, make me happy and active. Thanks.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


After a long waiting of 6 months, at last I have got my coveting driving licence. From end of Jan till yesterday, it consists of numerous lessons and anxiety for the practical test. Yesterday didn't really turn up well for me coz it rains heavily before the start of the practical test and everywhere was wet. Especially during the parking, my side mirrors were filled with raindrops so had to depend on my estimation to park the car.

My whole body was trembling, as I was very very nervous. Just like my first practical test, I hit the kerb during my S-Course and that leads to a pre-mature end to my driving test. This time all the circuit went smoothly and head towards the main road. On the main road, it was the route which I seldom past by but nevertheless I managed to past it, also the road conditions a bit favorable for me coz during the lane changing, there were not much vehicles. Total demerit points: 14, PASSED.

I felt so relieved to pass my driving test after all, it had been a expensive affair to learn driving. It cost me a total $2,136.50 ++ to get this licence. Nevertheless, it was a skill learned rather than a skill that is useless, just that I treat this as a investment for the long term. But having a licence doesn't mean I can do whatever I like. I always believed drink don't drive coz the time and money spent on getting it is too precious to lose it.

Now my mood: Relief, next stop Uni.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I hate freeloaders

From my past experience I had, I haven't really met anyone that is freeloader. The meaning of freeloader is one who does not contribute or pay appropriately; one who gets a free ride, etc. without paying a fair share. Even if there is, I haven't met one till I come across his person, which I get to know in camp.

I don't wish to mention his name hence I named him FL (Freeloader in short). Well, he was posted on December last year. I seldom see him after the first day of posting in as he was clearing leave and off at that time. But my impression on him starts to change during the start of this year. Initially, I thought he had forgotten to bring his toothpaste but as time go by, FL always uses my toothpaste everytime. Ok, this is a small issue but the big issue is that I hate him taking cigarettes from others where he, with the "highest" rank among the rest, keep taking cigarettes from them.

I heard all these stuff from my friends in my camp while meeting them no too long ago. They complain that FL will walk to the smoking area and ask those smokers for a cigarette to spare. He doesn’t feel embarrassed or what other people think about him. Furthermore when FL went out with his best "buddy" mate, his buddy had to pay for his meals. I was wondering why FL doesn’t have the money to pay things for himself as his allowance is much more than the average NSF. If FL really have no money, he should quit smoking instead coz it save money as well.

Nevertheless, I told my friends that FL is using his rank to get what he wants and he deserved no respect from them. For any gathering, we neither will ask him nor remember him when he leaves the company. I wonder if any girls will go out with him since he freeloads most of the time? This is the question he should be asking himself now.

P.S. To all, if you met him and he freeloads from you most of the time, is time to stop giving it to him regardless of rank or status coz it is a morality rather than status issue.

Anyone looking for a temp job (1-2 months), CISCO had a opening now, tag me if you are interested.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Insurance & Credit Cards

Nowadays, regardless of shopping center or bus interchange, we can see a lot of personals approaching potential customers to encourage them to sign up. They will always dressed decently arming with a stack of survey cum contact forms with a company name card hanging around their necks. It leads me to remember one occasion on this.

I remember the day before I was enlisted, I was approach by one similar personnel. At that time I was idling in the White Sands Shopping Mall with my Mom just hours before my enlistment. These personnel mentioned that she wish to do a short survey on financial management and hence I decided to do it since I still got some time. I didn't think much about listing down my particulars at that time, as it seems nothing more than just a normal survey.

Days before I pass out from BMT, I received a call from a lady from AIA. She asked me whether I am free to meet out so that she can speak to me more on financial management. At that time I already have interest in insurance and investments but my parents were still against it coz I have yet to start work officially.

So I met up with my agent and she shared with me all the policy AIA had. I took up the lifetime saving plan policy since it was good to start early. Luckily she calculated the premiums based on my recruit pay which at that time was $350 per month. So I am paying the minimum of all minimum. It had been 2 years since I took up the policy and I feel it was good coz if I put all the money in the bank, I will tend to spent more.

Nowadays, they approach anyone from housewife to professional coz it is no longer use to be a luxury item used to target the rich. It is more like protecting yourself as well as planning for the future. But taking up credit card would be a bit more risky than insurance coz many banks offer different benefits and customers use to sign up a lot so that they can enjoy different benefits offered by banks.

I not against signing up credit card coz I don't mind having one in the future but signing up to many will tend to led to overspending as you don't really see the cash till you receive your bills chasing you for the payment. By then some already realize that they have spent out of their salary. Some sign up even more so that they can cover the payments for the other credit cards. This will lead to bankrupt as they are forever on credit. Interest for late payment can be very high and their friendliness image will change when they ask them for payments. Nearly everyone can have a credit card as the requirement are more relaxed than those days, a minimum sum of money in the bank and a decent job will allow you to have one.

Careful planning on your financial is very important. All the temptation out there can make you a winner or loser depending how you use it. If you have been constantly ignoring them, it is time to spend some time to listen to them regardless of insurance or credit card. It doesn't mean that you need to sign up but instead you understand how insurance and credit card actually work and it is a knowledge gain indeed. Once you signed up any policy, it is always good to follow up so that you remember the policy terms and condition as well as the payments that you have make.

Well, for me, I have already start planning for the future, it is always not too late to plan for the future. Why wait, start now.

P.S. I am not a financial agent or helping my friend sell insurance. My passion is still in the computer world. Haha.