Sunday, November 30, 2008

Working Harder

Just started off work the this week. It will stretch for three weeks and my job is done. I was luckey to have a job right after my examinations and so far it had been tiring. Y?

Reason 1: Wake up each morning at 0630. Need to reach office by 0830.
Reason 2: Lunch was expensive since the area is at Orchard.
Reason 3: Dinner? Always skipped it.
Reason 4: There is no kopitiam nearby and the nearest is at Far East Plaza which need to take a bus to there.
Reason 5: OT since Thu and is going to be like that for the new coming week
Reason 6: This week is a 7 day week with OT.
Reason 7: Sunday need to reach expo by 6am and by end at 6pm.
Reason 8: Integrity and accuracy of data must be maintained as there are 4k candidates.
Reason 9: A five mins walk from Orchard MRT to the Bus stop to reach RELC.
Reason 10: Hopefully don't OT till i miss my show "The Little Nonya" on channel 8

Yesterday went to Jurong Point with my gf. Felt like going back to school. Catch a movie on 4 Christmas. Recommended to watch but a bit to short. If only there are 10 christmas, maybe the movie might be longer.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

My numerous "First" in this exam

Phew!, Just ended a marathon of exam starting from 12 Nov, but actually it starts from end October where I started on my revisions. This is the exam where I got numerous "First". Here is my 10 "FIRST" in this exam.

1) First Time taking 6 papers in my NTU exams.
2) First Time having two papers in a day.
3) First Time having exams without the old Canteen A
4) First Time I dozed off (for 2 minutes) in a exam paper EE8061
5) First Time taking computer graphics (I didn't have any training back in poly days)
6) First Time using the option sheet for MCQ for HS815
7) First Time leaving the exam hall before the full two hrs for HS815
8) First Time writing answers onto the question paper which serve as a answer booklet for HS815
9) First Time being "blessed" by Yan Qin for her "Holy water" from her mouth
10) First Time using the School of Physical, Mathematics, Science tutorial room for revision on last Sun.

It was indeed a memorable examination for me.