Monday, June 29, 2009

Self Evaluation

I have been into self evaluation mode for the passed one week. Been tasting the feeling of being left alone. Conclusion: It just feel empty in there.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Can't help feeling down

I can't comprehend my feelings. For the whole of last week I was feeling so down. Can't make myself happier. I was disappointed to see some "friends" that come from the younger generations that do not share the attitude of sheer hard work and diligent in whatever they do. I always believe that no matter how bad it is, I must perform to my utmost effort to complete a task.

Suddenly the thought which I didn't think of it was brought up by one of my colleague the week before. Got reminded by her that what will your GF be doing you would not know if you don't meet her for one month? Is she toying with ur feelings? All this questions are something which I shouldn't be listening as it was trust that build us together for three years. I did mentioned to my gf about it and wanted to make my emphasize of trust to her. Trust once destroy may never come back.


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Something are never your way

For the past one week, it had been a tiring week. Working for 7 consecutive days for a major exams at Singapore Expo have reduce me to a walking zombie by the next working day. I gained more knowledge on the operation of the examination and saw more things than I see for last December. Overall, I must thank my RELC perm staff for giving an opportunity to come back to help out and keep myself occupied for the past 1.5 months. Sadly, this year December, I can only return for 2 days due to my Internship which I have successfully got.

This few weeks, I was a bit distracted. I had a talk with my RELC perm staffs when they ask me how my relationship is going. It make me realise something is not going well especially in the time management. Some of my friends have got to know how I managed my relationship which to their surprise is different from the normal kind of relationship. I always thought that it was a compromise which I have to sacrifice, but ultimately it was not really effective. By working in RELC, I get my mind off my relationship, at least the work keep me occuiped in the day and tired by night. But now, after my last day yesterday, I was now need to find things to keep myself occupied now.